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Hello Everyone! (=^ o ^=)//

There is a NEW Challenge that is for users that have Deviant Art Accounts! I made a Blog/Journal over there! But I will copy and paste it to here!

Link to the SquibyClub! --> http://squibyclub.deviantart.com/

I already have a Thanksgiving New Monthly Challenge (2nd or 3rd post within in this month's post!) up on Squiby's Forum post!

BUT I decided today that I need to also throw in Christmas to this mix! Call it an EARLY CHRISTMAS start! X D But for the Deviant Art Squiby Club Members ONLY! (=* ^ *=)b

Here is the deal! : D For this Challenge you have to just make sure it is Christmas/Winter themed! If you want some random ideas of mine you can use these! : D (You can use any there is no requirement other than the Christmas theme lol.)
X D-->

2. Peppermint
3. Ribbons
4. Gingerbread
5. Mittens
6. Santa
7. Angel
8. Snowflakes
9. Snow
10. Cookies
11. Reindeer

RULES of this Challenge:
1) It is ONLY for Deviant Art SquibyClub Members, so you HAVE to be a member to this club.
2) You also have to have a Squiby Account.
3) All of the current rules on Squiby apply to the creations that you will be uploading on Squiby to be adopted, as well as putting the Spoilers on DA and submitting to this group.
4) The creations/pets MUST be THREE STAGES/LEVELS in ALL, UNLIMITED, PUBLIC and NO PASSWORDS. : ) You can use your OC's if you want or even Fan Art! (Kuroshitsuji etc...)
5) Ending Date for submissions will be 12/20!
6) Christmas themed is only other requirement!
7) Have Fun! : D : D : D

**Depending on how many enter...I might just gift each person surprise points to be like a Santa to them lol! (These will BE ONLY DEVIANT ART POINTS.) : )

But there will be 5 Places for voting, I added a Poll widget. I will open it up for voting on the 20th of December! And you will all be able to vote for your favorites! I also will have two guest judges that will not participate in this, just in case there is a tie! (Actually only if there is a tie lol.)

1st Place: 2500 Points
2nd Place: 2000 Points
3rd Place: 1500 Points
4th Place: 1000 Points
5th Place: 500 Points

PRIZES will be handed out when the poll closes on New Year's Eve!!!!!


Well, you can go and REPLY to that post in order to Enter! (ON DEVIANT ART THAT IS!) X D
(=> w <=)b <3333333

GOOD LUCK! : D The Poll will be on there! But I might do one on here too....we shall see!
X 3
One of your Admins!

Edit! : D
First Entry!


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I entered on DA, I hope I did it properly! OfflineNormal UserRadioactivemanta

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Oh my gosh each level is precious!!! (=* o *=)//
Thank you for your entry!!! : D : D : D
It was done perfectly!! : 3

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Hi Everyone!
Just giving an UPDATE here. The Gold Memberships that I purchased on the 1st of this month, I noticed the had not been handed to the participants of October's Round. I have sent an email. And hope to get updated on that soon. I have been so busy I did not notice it.
Pardon that! X''''D

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