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Post #1 made on 03/17/13 @ 6:08 am
Hello my squiby users :)

We are introducing GOLD membership. What features should we add? Any suggestions? and ideas?

What features of the old gold accounts would you like back?

No ads on the site.
Start with 4 stage adoptables vs 3 for basic members.
Gold shirt user icon in the forums vs blue for basic members.
Unlimited adopttions vs 2500 for basic members.
20 categories vs 10 for basic members.
Gold users' promoted pet section on homepage.

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Post #2 made on 03/17/13 @ 11:57 am
I think the features as they were were good enough for a site like this. Unlimited adoptables, no ads, and the ability to rename your pets. I'm not sure what else you could add in on a site like squiby. *shrugs* OfflineNormal UserWildfireBlizzard

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Post #3 made on 03/18/13 @ 12:33 am
Renaming pets was never a gold account feature, unless I've forgotten. But I think a lot of people would be really mad if they had to pay for a basic feature like renaming. OfflineAdminKasaraEm13

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Post #4 made on 03/19/13 @ 3:29 pm
I was sure that it was. O_o Maybe I'm just crazy.

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Post #5 made on 03/19/13 @ 3:49 pm
What is a "Gold membership" do you need to play money to get it :o? OfflineNormal Userthegameres1

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Post #6 made on 03/19/13 @ 10:25 pm

Yes, gold memberships are paid memberships, they offer more than regular memberships.


For a while I do believe that renaming (adopted) adoptables was a gold-only feature. But now that it is available site-wide, I'm not sure people would appreciate if it was taken away.

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Post #7 made on 03/20/13 @ 3:44 pm
@Scrollskeeper ty

Maybe having items they can put on there adoption? Like them being able to make things and put it on the adoption they like?
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Post #8 made on 03/20/13 @ 4:51 pm
@thegameres1 - Well that would be an interesting idea :3 I assume you mean like collars, bows, or possibly toys, holdable items and the like?

The biggest problem would be getting them to fit correctly...Say you had a collar to place on a dog, it would need to be able to be re-sizable and be able to rotate for the different poses out there. Even then, it might not work on all of them. Like if one has their head facing down in front of their neck for example, it would get in the way and the collar would cover some of their face, re-sized or not.

What I could see working is for the creator of the adopt being able to make accessories/items that can be layered over those specific adopts...but if it's strictly a GM thing, what if the creator of the accessory isn't a GM and wasn't able to put it on their own...that wouldn't be fair since they put the work into it...

I support the idea, but the thing would be how to do it ^^

I've also thought that it could be cool to have adopts that could end up as a different form (from the same starting form) dependent on a chance or percentage set by the creator. Like an adopt may have a rare form that may occur OwO
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Post #9 made on 03/20/13 @ 4:59 pm

Maybe like being able to make the item on the site and draw around the animal ? well I haven't thought of what you said like that too xD
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Post #10 made on 03/20/13 @ 5:44 pm

I suppose so X3, but then they'd have to have a special art program on here to do it with, most people would probably prefer to use their own program that they're used to - mine is Gimp. If they had a program on here, it'd probably be pretty simplistic - not a whole lot different that MS Paint. (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not very advanced) Oh, but then the items would probably be pixel-y since they'd be doing it on such a small image... hmmm...

Plus, the more I think about it, there would have to be rules laid out for it.
1- No Inappropriate Content (without the items going through the public eye, they'd be a bit harder to catch if they could just be added onto them at will - they'd have to be separate from the adopt itself or have a list [like the new adopts on the front page] to show which adopts have had items added recently)

2 - What is Added as far as potentially changing the art or adding graffiti onto the adopts (no one would want to see their adopt [free or not] to have intentional scribbles or hateful/intentional rude art added to make the adopt look bad or to make fun of it >:s

Overall I think that it would still be up to the original artist to decide what they'd allow on their adopts. People can ask for things and the artist should be able to say yes or no depending on if they're willing to do it or want to allow it. Personally, I think it would be the easiest too xD
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Post #11 made on 03/20/13 @ 6:25 pm

Yes you do have a point at that :o

Maybe the GM would be able to delete there topic fully on the forum? (I saw somewhere that you can't delete the topic fully)
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Post #12 made on 03/21/13 @ 8:29 am
Only admins have the power to delete threads at this point. OfflineAdminScrollskeeper

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Post #13 made on 03/23/13 @ 9:40 pm
Backgrounds! For pets who don't have backgrounds, they're already in PNG format! OfflineNormal UserWildfireBlizzard

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Post #14 made on 03/27/13 @ 11:57 pm
On the topic of potentially losing the ability to rename pets or change the gender if we're not gold account members, let me be the first to confirm that I would flip a table and rage like there is no tomorrow. We are human beings. We can mistake a creation's gender and name. We should not have to throw money at the site for our natural ability to err. Deleting the adopt and re-adopting doesn't help because if the pet is limited, that just reduces stock for other users who want it.

As of right now, I would not even fathom paying money for:
-No Ads (AdBlock is free and does the same thing, and it works EVERYWHERE.)
-ONE measly additional stage on creations (Before the ownership change, we had unlimited stages. Paying for ONE additional stage is laughable.)
-Unlimited Adoptions/Uploads (It should be unlimited anyway, at least in uploads...)
-Gold Icon (Who cares?)
-Extra Categories (Not that special.)
-Gold Member special section on the front page (Meh, this is alright since it's been around for as long as I can remember.)

This site does not have enough incentive to coax people into spending money. Entirely new features would have to be added, this site would have to change into something more than what it currently is.
In all honesty, I know that my gold account is going to expire eventually. So I'm enjoying it while I have it. But once it's gone, I'm done with this site and I'm probably never coming back. I have more than 25 uploads (and that's only public, let alone private and requested creations), and WAY more than 3500 adopted creations. And the ones I've adopted, I've adopted because I adore them or they're relevant to my interests. I can't delete any of them, and I'm not about to go and hog up another account just to continue adopting and uploading. That's stupid.
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Post #15 made on 03/30/13 @ 1:45 pm
This kind of website is very hard to charge money for without unfairly restricting non-playing members. Aside from no ads, the golden color, allowing you to adopt more, and a special section for gold account creations, I can't think of anything else that would be fair...that's not much!

Stuff like being able to rename/change gender of adoptables, extra categories, and more stages were given to members for free, and it feels iffy to take them away. Limiting creation of new Squiby species is a terrible idea.

I have a feeling this is why Keith abandoned Squiby in the first place: he could not figure out an efficient way to monetize it, for the effort and money needed to keep it running well.
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Post #16 made on 03/31/13 @ 1:38 pm
"I have a feeling this is why Keith abandoned Squiby in the first place: he could not figure out an efficient way to monetize it, for the effort and money needed to keep it running well."

Sad as it is to admit, I actually agree with this 100%. And now, I'm abandoning the site as well.
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Post #17 made on 04/01/13 @ 11:10 am
@Uke_Sora made a few very good Suggestions in the Adoption limit thread.
I'm just gonna repost them here so they don't get lost and forgotten.

" interesting features for Gold account users.
Maybe additional profile modeling like being able to add Journals, blogs, a gallery, simple design pages for showcasing the creations or adoptables?
Also something to design my postings would be cool. Signatures or general forumtext on top or bottom which can be designed with HTML and BBCode?
Special forum icons next to the avatar icon? Like a crown, strawberry or whatever user wants to squeeze into these few pixels?

Custom CSS for the forum, or a different forum layout for premium users..
Just a few ideas thrown out there."

And maybe get a easy to use CSS creator for profile?
Or easy options for changing the background and other for the profile and the rest of the site.


How about making a special Breed pet option for gold members.

I mean that Gold members have the option of setting up a breeding system for the pets they have created.

Anyone would be able to breed the pets they have adopted from this gold user,
in a easy to use way.


Edit 2,

Larger images option for gold users?

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Post #18 made on 04/23/13 @ 7:02 pm
I think the larger images option is the most tempting feature I've yet to see discussed here, but it's potentially annoying for the way Squiby currently lays out adoptables.
What I would suggest is that maybe all adoptables are created at a higher resolution (easier for the artists) but only DISPLAYED at that larger resolution (say.. 1.5x or 2x the current adoptable size) if you have a gold account.

Another thing that people would pay good money for are custom adoptables, but that really is something that is the artists' business, not Squiby, so I don't really think that's something that can be integrated with the gold account system unfortunately.

Also worth mentioning: the text on your adoptable (name, etc.) is in an absolutely abysmal font. Gold users could get something a bit nicer, maybe customisable for each adoptable.
Perhaps also the ability to add descriptions to your adoptables? (not your species descriptions, just on actual individual adopted pets)
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Post #19 made on 03/15/16 @ 4:31 pm
I'm really late to the party, but figured I'd put up some ideas.
Some ideas for Gold Members and for getting money for the site.

-Start with 4 stage adoptables vs 3 for basic members.
Maybe double it? Most people won't use it, but doubling things tends to make things more tempting. *wink wink nudge nudge*

-Unlimited adoptions vs 2500 for basic members.**
Sounds okay, I'd just allow someone to keep their extra adopts if they lose their gold. It'd suck to lose all your adoptables because life changes.

Personally, I think maybe working on the point system might be your best bet. Get it to where people use them, want them, and then will buy them or buy a gold account.
I've got tons of points, but rarely use them.

For instance, it'd be an incentive to get a gold (or buy points) if:
- **you had to use so many points per new adopted pet after you hit the 2500 limit
- you had to use so many points to add a category after you hit the ten limit.
- add additional stages to your creation
- want to add a color layout to you profile page
- more ideas below

Maybe you could give gold members an allowance (of points) or a bigger amount than regular members.

I would give a basic member the ability to get any of the perks of a gold member, but with a high cost in points. This actually works nicely with the free to play MMOs I've been on.

I think the only way one could do a universal accessory thing is backgrounds/foregrounds. User makes backgrounds, submits them, if they get approved they get some points, and the background goes to a 'store' that people can buy and put them behind pets.
Actually would love this, I have several pets I can't see because they're white against the white background.
You'd probably have to make a preview option before buying though, especially for the foreground. Don't want a bush or cloud cutting off someone's head.

Drag and Drop!
I'd love to be able to move my squibies where they need to be.
For instance, my adoptables is a bit of a mess. I have Axols mixed in with my chickens, one at the very end, I have released several dog breeds, will be later releasing some more colors of same line art. It'd be nice to be able to organize them by lineart type.

Same with the critters we've adopted. I just realized I have 4 of the same creature because they're scattered across the board.
Someone might say we can do the same with categories, yes and no. For instance, I have some adopts that I like the second stage, froze it, but had adopted several things just after I adopted it. Now the third stage is going to be somewhere further in the line. I could rename them, but wheres the fun in that?

Categorize creations
If the drag drop feature is out, maybe allow categories for creations? This might even cut down on multiple accounts.

While creating a new adoptable, you can check a box and a spoiler (or maybe one can be compiled for you, not sure on the system's limitations). When someone goes to adopt it, a link says spoiler available, and when clicked a popup shows the spoiler.
Ohhh....maybe an option before you adopt to see a spoiler, costs 1 point.

Personalized layout
If you could get someone to make a personalized layout maker for Squiby, that'd be best. Limit graphic add ons so we don't end up like myspace.

Some might say these need to be free, but Squiby needs money to run. No money no site.
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Post #20 made on 03/24/16 @ 5:56 pm

Well, these sound like reasonable ways to buy a gold account, but they are still too basic and little options.
This is my opinion, but it almost sounds like a "pay-to-win". No one should have to pay money just to open up every little feature on a website, that would drive away lots of people.

It already costs sort of a large amount of points to change your username. I think most of our options should be limited to regular users as well, or else Squiby would be useless.

I do agree there should be more options to spend points, but not everyone has money and gold accounts are absolutely optional. While it's sort of pointless to have a gold account now because of little options, it would only be a waste of money at this time because you can't really do anything with it.
I'm one of the old members here on Squiby for well over 5-6 years, way back to when Keith owned Squiby and this site is still running up and going even though it's gone a bit downhill, funds aren't necessary, things aren't TOO much in a bad shape besides ads. You want to get rid of ads, just used Adblock - quoting Artswife. (It is very effective.)

Since they're making more options for points it is a good thing to save up right now!
The objective is too make it fun for everyone right? Try not to lock everything down with gold membership required.
I also hear they're opened "Silver membership", which means the membership prices are going to go up.

EDIT: As for the 2,500 adoption limit for Regular members, I think that's a bit too much. (We do have Squiby hoarders, BragBrassed is fine, but I mean the other hoarders who adopt like 50 of the creation, even though the description says " 1 per person" or something. I think it could be limited down to 500, Silver Members 2,500, and Gold members unlimited.)
Also since CF is no longer active or the site owner, I don't think these suggestions in her post really apply anymore..
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