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Does anyone play any of those Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? It's pretty awesome.
Right now I'm playing Explorers of Sky. I feel unconfortable that some of the legendary pokemons have "gender"(like, they call them "he" or "she", but they don't have the male/female symbol on their names).
That's why my fave is Red Rescue Team, they're really genderless.

So... Anyone?

Edit: Well, looks like Explorers of Sky is getting interesting, I feel like it could be my new favourite. (still didn't finish the game)

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I play Red Rescue Team from time to time :) My gameboy is out of power at the moment, and I can't seem to find the chargers I have for it xD
Oh well... Maybe it's time to clean my room (y)
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@Hikanu Hey there, sorry for taking so long to reply. D:
GEEZ it's so hard to make your starters envolve in Explorers of Sky, do this do that do it again asdfghjkl. My fave will always be Red Rescue Team.
Chargers are like Tablet pens, we spend more time trying to find them than actually playing/drawing.
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Yeah.... And I actually have two chargers, and it's rare they are gone at the same time... Wonder if my mother has got her hands on them... Oh well, only one way to find out.. Go look for it =w=
And now I have a tablet pen to throw away too.. yay... It's great xD
Haven't played explorers of the sky though.. ^^'
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i do i have explores of time OfflineNormal UserBlackclaw47

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I have both Explorers of Time and Sky. Almost about to beat Dialga in Time and Groundon in Sky. OfflineNormal UserPokeWarriorCats

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I have sky, I bawled my eyes out at the end that I'm not going to say because I don't want to give a spoiler to anyone OfflineNormal UserMoonlightArcher16

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@PokeWarriorCats Awesome, good luck with Dialga and Groudon!
@ Yeah, the end was very emotional. I couldn't stop crying. It made me cry more than when I played Red Rescue Team.
( I'm gonna call you guys too, @Hikanu and @Blackclaw47 )

I heard that there's gonna be new games! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magna Gate and The Maze of Infinity!
Hooray! 3D AND with the Unova pokemons!

Trailer: http://youtu.be/9toyo8_IApw (JP)
You can select Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, Pikachu or Axew as your starter.
The "Magnagate" will be a portal that teleports your Pokemon team into dungeons. You can create new Magnagates by using an included AR feature and scanning circle-shaped objects, like can tops, CDs, etc. Who knows what they'll unlock?

Man, I just hope the Nintendo of U.S. confirms the english version of that game.
So, what do you guys think?
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Oh my gosh! I think I just might get that! And, Explorers of Sky is actually kind of hard after beating the game, and playing the, I dunno, the story AFTER the game? Anyways, its really fun. OfflineNormal UserCloveHeart

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*cries* Ohhh, nostalgia!

I loved Sky. Sky was the height of the franchise. It can never be replicated. Ever. The emotion I still get playing it is massive compared to replays of Magnagate. The characters, the everything - timeless. Deep, profound and timeless, while also light and enjoyable. T_T I was really bummed by Magnagate's rushed, disconnected-seeming storyline, and the easier gameplay. Not to say it's not good, just...Sky spoiled it for me.
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Post #11 made on 02/19/17 @ 2:18 pm
Oh my god, PMD has so much feels...I played it when my sister once and she reached the "end", and I started crying... XD OfflineNormal UserMettatonAlphaEX

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Re: the genders thing:
Actually it might be better to interpret it the other way around. What PMD calls 'gender' is really biological sex, which is why most of the machine-like Pokemon and others you would expect not to have sexes don't have them.
As for gender, it makes sense for any type of Pokemon to have one, because the society of PMD would expose them to the concept. That would explain why Magnezone, who has no sex, has male pronouns (afaik) -- it's just a social thing. Being one of a species that has no sex and thus no physiological need to differentiate genders, he's probably cool with whatever if it gets him a job and/or it grew on him.

Also like... I don't think they see gender in the same way humans do. As in, there are no strictly defined gender roles -- although because the game was made in Japan and the target audience is boys, there is a greater abundance of males in important or combative roles. Never explicitly to the exclusion of females -- note that the randomly generated outlaws can have any sex permissible in their species, and there are a few important female characters. The player and partner, for example, could both be -- and then there's Sunflora, Lapras, Celebi, Chimecho, Mesprit, Cresselia...
Most of that list is completely useless, but chalk it up to Japan's complexes -- it's still not said anywhere that there's anything girls can't or shouldn't do.
The legendaries don't have sexes, but through contact with Pokemon that do, they could well have developed genders. Alternatively, if they're gods, they have no need to care what pronouns their followers give them and just use what people are used to without erasing whatever they believe. That would explain the lack of gender symbols in the recruitment roster -- the characters themselves could be sexless, agender or both, but use gendered pronouns as a matter of social convenience because most of the population can't fathom having no gender. On joining the party, the player receiving the knowledge of their genderlessness could be construed IC as the legendary informing them. Am I making sense? xD

Re: Sky: Me of 2014 was right. u3u
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Ooh, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a great series! I still have my first, Explorers of Darkness. It was so fun, and I cried a lot at the end. But it's still excellent! I wish Nintendo would make the new PMDs like the old ones. The new ones are pretty uninteresting, unfortunately. :/ OfflineGold memberPeachyPlum

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