I haven't vanished!

Post #1 made on 12/07/11 @ 5:02 pm
Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't vanished :)! I was on vacation in Europe for most of the past month, but I was also working on Squiby while there.

I'm making a lot of changes on the backend to make the site faster (and not crash) and I have left open the option to keep feeding your pet. This is to make up for the past few months the pets not being fed, or having issues with the site being stable. So you're welcome to feed all of your pets to level 594058645 if you'd like ;)

I've taken the feedback from the current layout (I know you don't like the sidebar!) and I'm working around them. I hope to have an entirely new layout (as in, one that isn't just the old one with some new stuff tacked on) in the near future that is far more streamlined and displays all of your content in the way that you feel fits best :)

Thank you again for supporting Squiby, and happy holidays!

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Post #2 made on 12/07/11 @ 5:12 pm
Thanks for the hard work and the update! OfflineNormal UserSakuraki

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Post #3 made on 12/07/11 @ 5:58 pm
Do you have an eta on when the site will be playable? Most people have already leveled the favs (and some have been leveled past where people wanted them). If we could categorize things, it would go a long way towards making users happy. That way we could move currently leveled favorites and put up pets that need clicks. BTW, clicking more often than not produces a database error. I can post it if you need that information. OfflineNormal UserDewclaw

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Post #4 made on 12/07/11 @ 6:26 pm
I appreciate the unlimited possibility for level-ups, but the inability to freeze and/or change categories really hampers the full enjoyment of it.
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Post #5 made on 12/07/11 @ 8:20 pm
It is too bad we cannot yet see an effect from the work you have done so far. Important things like Freinds list, categorizing or seeing the creator's name on the adopt a creature page are being missed a lot OfflineNormal UserThaliel

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Post #6 made on 12/07/11 @ 8:34 pm
Thanks for the option to keep feeding! <3
Looking forward to seeing the site finished!
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Post #7 made on 12/08/11 @ 12:29 am
Yup! I know that a lot of these things are missing, and I really hope to have them up and in a state that is usable very soon :)

I don't mean to leave you guys out in the dark at all :D I'm having fun working on Squiby, it's got a great framework behind it now and I'm really excited to continue moving into the future.
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Post #8 made on 12/08/11 @ 1:14 am
Thanks Keith ;D
Merry Christmas :3
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Post #9 made on 12/08/11 @ 1:26 am
Thanks for the update Keith! I look forward to seeing the next update, and seeing more features return.
Merry Christmas.
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Post #10 made on 12/08/11 @ 2:07 am
He's still alive, my God. XD No really, man, a tweet every few days would be awesome. Maybe an ETA, not a harsh deadline, but just a vague time frame so we know when to actually come back ('cause I've stopped coming on here, I only check every week).

I still can't use the site though. I have way too many pets to level myself, I prefer using my click thread and having dailies, but I use a different categories than my favorites (they're my favorites, not ones that need to be clicked, you know?) for pets that need to be clicked, so.... I just wish categories would come back.

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Post #11 made on 12/08/11 @ 5:49 am
Yup, categories are in the works and I hope to have all of this pushed before the 15th! :D

I've also taken a lot of the feedback to heart, and I'm removing the sidebar and the bloat that came with it ;).
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Post #12 made on 12/08/11 @ 6:21 am
I saw the screen on Twitter, @Keith
it looks good!
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Post #13 made on 12/08/11 @ 7:50 am
Thanks for the hard work Keith!^^ but I'm wondering; does the infinite clicks thing is a new option or this is just something to make us being patient?? XD OfflineNormal UserRevie

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Post #14 made on 12/08/11 @ 10:30 am
Great! Categories/freezing are really essential to Squiby. I'm really looking forward to having those features return. OfflineNormal Userketshi

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Post #15 made on 12/08/11 @ 11:27 am
*arm pump* Categories, F yeah. :D

It's sounding awesome, I wanna see the forums for I say anything though. But after categories come back and profiles are editable again, I'll be happy. I've really missed my profile.

I wonder about a few things though. Will pings be fixed, you know, with the line break between the @ and the name? And have they actually been working at all? I haven't gotten any notification or alert with them since the switch. I'm really hoping for a separate page with all that though, maybe in your inbox or something. A little colored number popping up by the link to your inbox would be perfect.

Also, will the space between pets in categories be removed? A lot of people still dislike that, me included, but I can live. It does ruin the look of multi-pane pets though.

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Post #16 made on 12/08/11 @ 2:51 pm
Oh hell yeah! XD

Happy Holidays, Keith, and thank you~!
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Post #17 made on 12/08/11 @ 3:41 pm
Hello! Happy Holidays to you too Keith! And I am glad you are working on the site! I especially look forward to ANY and all fixes you will do! Especially since I can have some hope now that I will be able to adopt new pets soon! X D Another great artist friend of mine has posted a commission of mine on DA and it makes me get TOO EXCITED to know that she might be able to upload it on here soon! X D ....I look FORWARD to adopting pets again! And to also have the levels fixed! Plus that ugly space between multi-panel pets, to be removed/fixed, as well! ; D THANK YOUuuu! : 3 OfflineAdminbragbrassed

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Post #18 made on 12/08/11 @ 4:41 pm
Thanks for the update for a while there I thought the site was being abandoned lol. I am very excited to see the site working better than ever once everything is done. I am curious though why some of my pets are still babies and weather I have to level them up to some unknown level to bring them back to their last stage. OfflineNormal UserMidnightChyld

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Post #19 made on 12/08/11 @ 5:25 pm
inb4 the people saying, "Yay, can't wait for the new stuff!" start complaining again in another few days.

I don't mind waiting. I've got time. All the time in the world.
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Post #20 made on 12/08/11 @ 8:14 pm
Yayyy finally!

Thank you Keith!
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