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I have left Squiby because of the owners disrespect and use of the art here without permission.

You can now find my art and adoptable on,

Chocolatefudge, the owner of squiby.net.
Created normal user accounts on other art websites.
Set up automated bots and without telling or asking the artists permission,
auto-uploaded the art from squiby.net to her own accounts on Flickr, facebook, DeviantArt, tumblr and for all we know more.

Chocolatefudge is a 25 year old girl,
her brother owns a software house, he bought squiby.net and gave her the ownership and management of the site.
Her brother told her not to upload the art to other websites, but she did it anyway.
She also used art from other websites on squiby.net,
The Art on the first new layout test, the badges she uploaded, all the art on the ridies site..
she even uploaded some of my art on the ridies site, after I had said I wanted nothing to do with the site.
In february, 2014, a bubble background with a partially removed watermark, used as a background on squiby.nets site background.
this bubble background was stolen from a stock photo website and cost just 5$ to buy.

She has no respect for the artists or artwork, and she is the owner and manager of an art site.

She might have just been thinking it was fine, to advertise for the site,
but that only tells me she does not know how to run an art site and does not know about artists rights.

She has not been here or been at all active for over a year.
No announcements made, no bug fixes, no nothing.

She or maybe it's her brother, has finally cleaned up this mess, stopping the auto-uploading and removed the art on the other websites.

I do no longer trust her and therefore does no longer trust this site with my art.

I really hope she has learned a lot from all of this, so that other users here will still be able to enjoy this site.

Chocolatefudge has finally made an announcement after over a month of waiting.
The Announcement
I'm glad she says sorry and apologize.
I hope she has learned and will do better from now on.

The new owner of squiby bought squiby in the end of 2012, around november.

In may 2013 she set up her own flickr account with the username chocolatefudge
and started auto-uploading our art to it.
No announcements or any links or at all mention here on squiby was made.
there was over 10.000 of our images on her own flickr account.

She then set up the tumblr, facebook and DA accounts,
and started auto-uploading our art to those accounts too.

She actually made an announcement for the DA group,
saying she was uploading our art to it and that we could ask to have it removed.

When I read this announcement, I didn't like it at all, and I said so, but it seemed she did not care.

I just thought, well I trust her, she says she will remove the art if I ask,
I guess I'll just have to ask to have my own art removed..
I know I can't make a change here if it's just me, this is a community and people vote and voice their opinions.

So for a long time, I just asked to have my own art removed form Deviantart, thinking at least it's just there and I can have it removed.


Then in October, 2014, now.
I saw a new comment in this announcement about the DA group, and Thought yeah, it's not just me.
and said I would like for this uploading of our art to DA to stop, and I was happy to see more people join and object to this uploading.
I thought, finally, now with more people wanting this to stop, there is a larger chance of it actually happening.

We got no answer, but I was prepared to just wait.

..but instead, we found out what had really been going on.
Seeing that our art was also being uploaded to tumblr.

then someone found out.. all my art on DA, all the art I had asked chocolatefudge to remove from DA..
it was all still there.
She didn't really remove any of it.
all my art, all the stolen art I had asked her to remove all of it, it was all still on DA.
She had not removed it at all, it was just made hidden, hidden away from the DA group so we would not see it.
But if we just made a simple search for it, and there it all still was..

I can't describe how angry that made me.
I had for so long trusted her to remove my art from her own DA account.
and it was all a lie as it was all still there..

then, the next day, someone happened to find the flickr account.
..it was filled with 10 000 of our images, lots of duplicates..
(When I later reported all my art there, I found out that 254 images of my art had been uploaded there..)

that was just it for me, seeing that too, on top of everything else, I was just done..
I couldn't believe I had even trusted her for so long.
All of squiby.net just became this rotting ugly thing that I could no long stand to look at..
All that I had done here.. all my trust and love and understanding and everything this site ones was to me was gone..

I made the logo for this site, I won the silly little contest, I was so happy, so proud to see my own art as the logo of my favorite website..
I was happy to make it, it's the image of what squiby was to me, I was happy to give it away to chocloatefudge.
..looking at it now, it just makes me feel sick.. like it's looking at me like I'm an idiot.. that I trusted her at all..

This entire experience has scarred me.
Squiby was my happy place, my favorite website, I loved it so much,
all of these 5 years I have been an active member and created so much art just to share here.

To me, it's like squiby died when Keith sold it and chocolatefudge took over,
and has just been slowly rotting ever since.

I have tried to just move on, but it's taking a lot longer to heal than I first thought..
every time I think it's getting better.. something, I don't know what.. just makes it all worse again..

I was really close one time, to even just give it all up, delete my art on maxicanvas too..
But I don't want to do that to the users here and on the other websites..

The users here, they are so awesome..
I'm glad I was able to share my art with you, and it hurts so much to have taken it away from you all.

I have always put on a smile,
when I smile I get a smile in return and that helps a little.
Here it used to be easy to smile, and I got so many happy smiles back, it was wonderful, my happy place..


I even had a nightmare because of all of this..
it was a few days after finding out about the auto-upload to the other accounts we did not know about.

I dreamt that one of my drawings, a big drawing of a dragon like monster.
Someone stole it and uploaded it to a different website.
When they stole it, the dragon somehow became "real" because it was stolen, it became something like a virus that created problems and hurt people on the net, the dragon was angry because it was stolen.
The person that stole it tried to delete it to stop it, but then it only became a ghost like dragon monster and became even more powerful, destroying even more.

I picked up my iPad and started writing a journal on Deviantart to warn people of this ghost dragon monster.
When I was in the middle of writing the journal, suddenly my boyfriend grabs my iPad and asks me what I'm doing.
I get angry at him and says I was busy writing here, why are you grabbing my iPad?

I get really confused.. place my ipad beside my bed where it always is.

I then ask my boyfriend, what happened?

He said, I was hitting my ipad in my sleep..

In my sleep I had picked up my ipad and started hitting it, not hard, just placing my hand on it and slapping it every so often.

I then understood it was just a dream and that I had woken up when my boyfriend grabbed the ipad.
I checked my ipad, there was no journal there that I was so sure I had just seen and written.


Some People have asked,
"I don't understand the problem? isn't squiby about sharing art? and any publicity of your art is good right?"

Let me explain the problem with this.

Squiby is about people/Artists being able to share their art as adoptables.
They upload their art to squiby.net, their art is hosted on Squiby.net,
they have full control over their art on squiby.net and can choose to edit or delete it from squiby.net if they choose.

Just like a normal user account on an art site, the owner of the art site account is also the owner of the art posted there.
And if you as a normal user of an account on an art site posts art that does not belong to you/ that you have not made,
then it's going against the rules of the art site and that art is removed.

simple. Your account, your art. Your account and not your art, then the art is removed and you might get banned.

Squiby is about sharing your art.
Anyone can adopt a pet and post it on other websites.
That's not the problem.
because how it works is, you adopt a pet here, you copy the code for that pet and you post the code on other websites.

the code is just a link that links back to squiby, the art is still hosted on squiby.net.
The artists still have full control over their art, if they choose that they don't want their art on squiby.net anymore,
then they can remove it from being hosed on squiby.net. and all links that had that image will go blank.

When you adopt a pet on squiby.net, you don't own that art, you just have a "copy" of it.
You are not allowed to upload that art to other websites!
You can only post the link that links back to squiby.net where it's uploaded and hosted.

Sure, there are lots of people that don't care and just upload the art to other websites,
giving credit or not, or calling it their own.
Usually, the admins on that other website sees it and removes it.
That's just how it is.

..but.. BUT.. it's a very big difference when it's the actual owner of an art site that is that person, that just uploads the art to other websites.
not just taking a few and uploading it one place.. no.. Setting up an automated bot system that automatically takes lots art hosed on squiby.net,
uploads it to several other websites, without telling or at all asking the artists first.

"oh, but they give credit"

That's not good enough, not at all.

DeviantArt and tumblr have submission rules that states, "Giving credit does not let you use/upload whatever you want, you have to have artists permission"

If the owners of squiby.net had just set up a simlpe checkbox on the adoptables upload page here on squiby,
that when checked, then the artist gives permission to have the art uploaded to other websites,
then there wouldn't be a problem, then the artist can give permission.
but there were no such option, it did not matter, any art uploaded here could be taken by the automated bots and auto-uploaded to other websites.

This is also an art website where users upload the content, there are users here that upload art that they haven't made themself.
This is against the rules of this site as well.
and that art is deleted by the admins on this site.

..but here's the problem with their automated bots.. even after an Admin here has deleted a stolen image adoptable,
several days after it have been deleted, it can still be automatically uploaded to other websites.
Then it's the thief that gets the credit!

I found two of my images on Deviantart and flickr, where the credit was given to a different person.
And all of the other accounts was full of art that was originally stolen here and removed from squiby.

Squiby has a no stealing rule, to protect the artists.
..how is that supposed to work when the owner of the art sites just resteals the art and auto-uploads it elsewhere..

"Can't you just report the art on the other websites"

Yes, and I did report my own art.
but again... that does not solve the problem, I can only report my own art.
there are still the problem with the bots auto-uploading art that was originally stolen on squiby.net.

"Any publicity of your art is good right?"

I can advertise my own art myself just fine, I don't need the artsite to do it for me without telling me.

I don't want my art on facebook, flickr, tumblr,
so I choose not to upload it there.

The one who is doing this for this reason is the owner of squiby.net,
advertising for the site to get people to join.

And really.. these auto-uploaded art wasn't even good at doing even that..
the art had like 5-10 views, and really that's nothing. most of it even had nothing.
no one was really seeinging, making it useless as advertisement for the art or art site.
The art was stolen for no good reason at all.

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You can get all my adoptables on Maxicanvas.

Custom pets

If you have gotten a custom pet in any way, You can still get it as an adoptable on Maxicanvas.
The spoiler image you have gotten, that is all yours, and can still be found on DA.

If you are on a custom pet list, you can still get your custom drawing.
You can get it as just a spoiler, or get it as an adoptable on Maxicanvas.

send me a message.

Birthday pets

If you have gotten a mail with the birthday pets,
then you can adopt them again on Maxicanvas, I have keep the same passwords.

Send me a comment there if you want to be added to the new list.
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Here is a mail I sent to Chocolatefudge back in February this year (2014).
I was understanding then, but I have now lost all my trust in the owners.

The bubble background was removed after I sent the mail.
I didn't like the auto-upload, but I then had the understanding that I could at least have my art removed,
and that it was just DA,
now I know art is also being uploaded to tumblr, flickr and it's not being removed, just hidden.

(it's a mail, my mail is at the bottom and the reply at the top)

To : elen89
From : ownerchocolate...
Date : February 3,2014

Subject : Re: Images

Message :
This is really embarrassing and I am really sorry about this. I got married at the end of December and then moved and all...so I have been really busy for last two months, and that is why haven't been looking at any of this stuff. Meanwhile our developers were doing what they thought was the right thing to do... but I just wanted to tell you that personally it wasn't me, and I never approved it. I know that this is not an excuse because everything that happens on squiby is my responsibility, but I still thought that I should let you know.

We have now started for a new graphic designer....we did not realize that our graphic guy was just taking images from internet.

I know that damage is done but I will do whatever I can to rectify it as soon as I can. Please do not think that we approved it when he stole those images...we just didn't know.

I hope that you will understand.

From: elen89
To: chocolatefudge
Subject: Images
Date : February 3,2014 8:02 am

Dear Squiby site owners.

I feel I have to talk to you personally now, and seriously.

Please, do not steal or use stolen images on Squiby!
It goes against the very nature of Squiby, artist/user created content.

I have been suspicious of images (like badges) that you have uploaded before,
and the images you have uploaded to Facebook and DA group.
And now that I see all the images on your new site Ridies, which all looks very much just taken off Google search,
and the squiby bubble background with the watermark.
It all makes me very sure you are just stealing images.

I have had great trust in you that you would take good care of this site,
but now that I'm pretty sure you are breaking the one big rule this site has.. not using others art/images.
It just makes me really sad.

I love this site.
I don't care that you use half a year to make an update or fix a bug,
I can wait, I don't have a problem with that.
But I have a big problem with you not respecting others Art, photos, images or things,
that they have not allowed you to use.

How am I to trust you with my art when I upload it?
You have even already taken some of my badges and uploaded them to the Ridies site..
If you had asked to use them to test badges on ridies, then I might have said "yeah sure" or "here use these images I just made for you".

If you need a image of any kind, I can maybe make it for you, just ask.
just please, understand that just taking images from a random internet site is stealing
and is not something I want to be a part of.


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Chocolatefudge, the owner of squiby, has finally started to clean up her mess.
The facebook, Deviantart and flickr accounts have been deactivated.
the tumblr account is still there, but hopefully it will be gone soon too and this will all be over.


now the tumblr account is gone too :D

This nightmare is over!

I really hope chocolatefudge has learned something from this..
it would be terribly sad if she were to continue to use others art in anyway without permission like she has done since she took over this site.


made on 10/22/14 @ 8:19 am

I'm so sorry everyone... :,(

(this is probably full of typos, as I have not had time to proofread it..)

I am so sad right now.. I'm even shaking..
..my beloved squiby.. it's like you have rotted from the inside out..

I'm so sorry everyone.. I can no longer trust this site and the new owners with my art..

I can't believe this is really happening..
I have always hated it when artists leave and delete all their art here...
I never thought I would do that...

I have been here for 5 years,
and I have loved it so much! You have all brought me so much happiness and joy..
I'm so sorry it have to end this way...

some time ago, I joined a new Adoptable site...
You will be able to find me and my adoptables there now..

And you can still find me on DeviantArt.

Everyone that has gotten a custom pet or is on my custom pets lists,
you can all get your custom pets as adoptables on Maxicanvas.
or just as a spoiler on DA.

All of my art here will be removed/deleted.
This will take some time.. as I have made a lot..
sharing them again on maxicanvas will also take some time,
even though I had already started sharing them there long before all of this sh.. happened here.

I have always been very patient with the coders/owners of Squiby,
I have always said, they can use as much time they need on coding/fixing bugs/adding new features to the site itself.
It's their site and they can do what they want on this site.
I have always been very understanding of the fact that sometimes real life takes over, something happens
and you can't make time for fixing/working with the website.

but... I have absolutely No patience when it comes to them doing whatever they want with the art submitted here..
This is an Art sharing website! to share the art on this website..
the owners have no rights to the art and have no rights to use it on other websites, or using them in anyway on other websites.
the fact that they would even think that is really disrespectful to the Art and the Artists.

if this was even a bit of an option, then they would have had to create a contract that said
"all art submitted here is now ours and we can do what we want with it",
and everyone on here would have to agree to that contract before submitting or even being here, or even before joining the site.
there is no such contract, meaning that they have no rights to the art submitted here.
and if they had a contract like that, then I would never have agreed to it..

Even since when the new owners first took over this site, I was suspicious of their way of using art..
it often seemed like they would use are they probably did not have rights to use..

I should have seen it as a warning.. and I kind of did..
but I had hopes that it would work out if I just told them don't do this..

First it was the first layout on the site, it was so ugly.. and was full of art that did not seem like it was theirs to use.

Then it was the badges, the ones they uploaded first as examples looked kinda like images you could find on a "free to use images",
but it could also be that they were just take from somewhere..
it was also not possible to delete badges, so everyone was free to steal what ever art they felt like..
The Admin asked the owner about this, and was told that the same "no stealing" rule applied there too and that a delete button would be added.
..that was a year ago.. still no delete option.

then there was the new "big thing" the car adoptable site, ridies..
No one was too excited about that..
and as I feared then, it was the beginning of the end..

When the ridies site was up and running,
I could see that they had just taken all the code from squiby and modified it some.
all the art there.. looked really like it was just taken from google search..
I even found my own art there, a few of my badges, uploaded as a badge there by the owner.
They had not asked permission to use my art there and I had earlier said that I don't want anything to do with this site.

Then came the bubble background..
The bubble image used as a background on the main site of squiby itself..
it was not only ugly as hell.. it was so clearly stolen!
it had a water mark! partially removed! I could even tell where it was from..
it was from one of those stock photo website,
where all the images have watermarks and you have to pay to get the image without a watermark.
this clearly said that this was stolen, no dought..

I sent an angry mail to the owner, saying I do not want to be on an art site that steals art!
I got an apology, the owner blamed one code/designer, and gave an explanation for why the owner had been away.
I took it for good fish, and said okay, I believe you, but this must not happen again..
..if only I had taken the hint and got out of here then..
But I loved squiby too much and did not want to lose it..

..Now there is this auto-uploading crap.. this has been going on all along..

I should have left the site when keith sold it..
but I loved Squiby and trusted the new owners to do the right thing..

Thread with more info, and the timeline of what has happened.

The New Squiby owners has been taking our art here, and uploaded it to other websites without telling us or at all first asking for permission first..

...it's not just some user, saving our art on his own computer and using it elsewhere..
it the actual owner of the art site.. using bots to auto-upload the art submitted here to other websites..
probably trying promote the site... but that's NOT how you do it..
they didn't even ask for permission first.. just selfishly taking the art submitted and spreading it all over the pace to selfishly promote them self..

I won the squiby logo contest.. that drawing is theirs, they own it, I gave it to them, they can do whatever they want with it..
they should have just used that image, the logo of the site, made a normal AD and paid to have the site advertised..
Like all other websites does!

The Deviantart group.. it's a normal group, people was happy to share their art there themself, that was promoting the site.. and they didn't have to do anything..

First the owner of Squiby made this announcement,
Telling about their DeviantArt group.

They said our art would be submitted there,
but that we could ask to have it removed.

I did not like this one bit.. it was disrespectful and they didn't ask for permission first..
but I could only see that Chemical_Lady was objecting to this..
seemingly being the only two not liking this, I thought I would just have to ask to have my own art removed from the DA group..

More and more auto-uploaded art got added to the DA group and I kept on asking to have my art removed..
I also noticed that a lot of stolen art got uploaded there too,
stolen art that had been upload here, but deleted by the Admins here, as is the rule here.
But there is no help to remove the stolen art here if it just gets restolen on the DA group..
I started commenting on them to have them removed too.
I noticed that not everything I asked to have removed was removed from the group..
an it seemed like a never ending task to ask to have the art removed.

I also didn't really like art being uploaded to facebook..
as I don't trust facebook with my art..
I thought, at least it's not a mass auto-uploading of adoptables like it is on DA..
but I did wish that it would stop too..

Then I just happen to check the tumblr page, linked to at the top here.
and I saw that the same kind of auto-uploading had been going on there too..
there had not been made any announcements about this, no one saying it would be uploaded there too.
I don't know tumblr too well and had no idea how to ask to have my art there removed..

More people started objecting to this auto-uploading of our art to other websites.
and I started to wonder if people had not been objecting before because they just didn't know this was going on..
I went through the list of auto-uploaded pets on DeviantArt and sent them all mails, telling them about it.
some people didn't mind, some got angry, one was really angry and immediately deleted all her adoptables here..

We started reporting the stolen images on DA and some on tumblr.
and we demanded that this would stop!
Hikanu suggested making protesting adoptables.

Then.. I found out that all the art auto-uploaded to DeviantArt.. that I asked to have removed..
it was not even really removed... they just hide it..

It's the DA user account, http://squibydotnet.deviantart.com/
that is used to bot upload the images from squiby,
and then bot submitted to the group.
When asked to remove the art, the art is only take out of the group,
but it's still on the profile itself..

looking at the time stamp "last online" on Chocolatefuge's profile,
it seemed like she got online everyday and should have seen our messages.

I wondered if she actually never was online and it was just a bot triggering the "last online".
either way, she was ignoring us now or she had been ignoring us for a very long time..

I sent a mail to chocolatefudge,
demanding that all the accounts on the other websites would be deactivated and that this would stop.
I gave her a weeks deadline.

..Today.. I find out that auto-uploading has also been going on on flickr..
under the username chocolatefudge, over 10 000 of our images has been auto-uploaded there..
there is no links to flickr here, no mention of this at all.. they just do it..

that.. that was just it for me.. I..
the one week deadline no longer stands for me..
I am done...
I no longer have any trust in this site and it's owners anymore..

I am so sorry everyone..

I have loved sharing my art with you all here, for 5 years..
You have said so many nice words to me that I will never forget..
You have all helped me become more social and believe in myself..
I loved this site so much.. it has been my favorite place for so long..
I thought I would never leave.. I thought this site would die and disappear before I would go..

You can now find me on DeviantArt and Maxicanvas.

goodbye Squiby..

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Can I ask a question about breeding? OfflineNormal UserZeb_the_lizard

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Sure, what about it?

it is closed if thats what you're asking...
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i also got a question about Breeding, but maybe is that the question of Zeb_the_lizard. wil it open Again? OfflineNormal Usermartijn1202

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@martijn1202, The breeding thread Will open again :)
I Will open it when most of the bugs here have been sorted out,
Now the search dont work so I cant find them and I cant Edit pets to get the passwords.

Im not home right now, visiting my boyfriends dad.
Borowing an iPad to surf on ^^ its so Cool! Want one x3
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My question is....How do we breed are pets? (I know I'm so stupid.) OfflineNormal UserZeb_the_lizard

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@Zeb_the_lizard ,
I have now filled in the breeding thread with its rules :)
So go read that and see if you understand it then.
If you still need help, send me a Mail.
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:O When did the White Russian appear? xD See what happens when us easily confused people who hate change get, well, confused by changes. :P OfflineNormal Userblackdragonqueen

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