Post #1 made on 06/03/12 @ 5:10 pm
Does anyone here play on I'm a howrser!! LOL

OfflineNormal Usermangaanimals7

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Post #2 made on 06/06/12 @ 2:05 pm
I play Caballow, in spanish (Espanyol) and Howrse in German (Deutsch) OfflineNormal Usernidrexxx

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Post #3 made on 06/06/12 @ 3:12 pm
Coolio! OfflineNormal Usermangaanimals7

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Post #4 made on 06/12/12 @ 12:07 am
Im in the international server
OfflineNormal Userranina6006

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Post #5 made on 06/13/12 @ 7:19 pm
I do!
My username is HitsugayasHorse7
OfflineNormal UserDsiMario

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Post #6 made on 06/18/12 @ 1:21 pm
International server: My user name is teresa8oats 2nd. PM me and say you play Squiby and you will get a foal of your choice, between 500e-1k! OfflineNormal Userteresa8oats

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Post #7 made on 06/19/12 @ 10:53 am
I play équideow, in french ;) OfflineNormal Usergalot geurl
galot  geurl

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Post #8 made on 06/25/12 @ 6:55 pm
I play Caballow :D OfflineNormal UserSleipnir

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Post #9 made on 07/15/12 @ 5:49 pm
I'm on the international server, My name is KiNg OwL OfflineNormal Userkotorlady

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Post #10 made on 07/28/12 @ 4:41 pm
Me too my name is
The Same as here and
I give horses for gifts
OfflineNormal Usermeowycatmeow

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Post #11 made on 10/07/12 @ 12:35 am
I play howrse too. I'm called Andante amoroso in the International server, Farore in the Swedish and amabella in the Finnish one. You may sent me a friend request if you like! ^ ^ OfflineNormal UserRoderich Edelstein
Roderich Edelstein

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Post #12 made on 11/06/12 @ 3:46 pm
I do!! Contact me sometime mehaynes135 hope to see u OfflineNormal UserMehaynes

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Post #13 made on 11/08/12 @ 4:11 am
I'm actually on various servers... not that I understand the languages, but sometimes I just get so bored that I make a new account in a new country.. Haha :D
My name in there is the same as here.. :) So if you want to search for me feel free.. :D
I'm mostly on the danish site though, the international is getting attention once in a while, when I want to know what new events are :) xD
OfflineNormal UserHikanu

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Post #14 made on 11/21/12 @ 1:26 pm
I am on howrse!! :D
I'm on the UK server
my username is hammylovex
please add me! :)
OfflineNormal Usercinnamonat

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Post #15 made on 12/17/12 @ 4:49 pm
I'm on the us server : lollipop12 OfflineNormal Usercherry12

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Post #16 made on 12/19/12 @ 5:40 pm
I have an account, but I rarely use horses keep dying... OfflineNormal UserWarriornightstep

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Post #17 made on 01/02/13 @ 8:37 am
O.o Your horses can die? OfflineNormal UserWildfireBlizzard

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Post #18 made on 03/16/13 @ 6:18 pm
I play Howrse on the International server.My username is horsegirl02. OfflineNormal Userhorsegirl02

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Post #19 made on 03/18/13 @ 5:26 pm
Im on Howrse and im ponyracer431! OfflineNormal UserInfinityStar

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Post #20 made on 10/07/13 @ 4:51 pm
i'm on howrse user name pikachu7 OfflineNormal Useryoshi6

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