Important Announcements

Announcements concerning the site and important updates will be posted here.

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Problems and Bugs

Have you encountered an error, or found a problem doing something? Post it here so it can be fixed!
My Recent Posts Error

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Suggestions and Ideas

Do you have the perfect idea for Squiby? Post it here!
Profile Editing/User Interface

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Feedback for features and areas of Squiby.
Site owner and staff, where are you?

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All official Squiby contests will be posted here.
Pets of the Week competition

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Welcomes and Introductions

Are you new to Squiby? Post here to be welcomed!
Hi I'm new

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General Discussion

Talk about anything!

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Forum Games

Talk About Games!
Warrior Apprentice Naming Ceremony

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Did you just see a great movie, or maybe read a cool book? Post about it here!
General Anime Discussion

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Click Me!

Post your adoptions here to be clicked on! One thread per user, please.
[GAME] Levels!

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Roleplay Here!
Let's 1x1! Again!

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Advertise your Species

Are you the creator of a species? Post about it here, to get adoptions!
Aisha's Fantastic Critters

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Other Sites

Talk about other sites here!
Animal Jam anyone?

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Art Market

Non-Squiby Commissions

Want a chibi made? Find someone to do it for you here!
I can draw anyone, anything, and all accurate!!

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Squiby Commissions

Have a specific squiby you want made? Find someone willing to do it here!
[SHOP] Free custom cats

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Show off your art!
Alice's terribly inconvenient art party

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Squiby Help

Need help? Ask for it here!
Squiby Points

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Report stolen artwork and other adoptable violations here.
Doll Maker Adopt!

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