Adoptable Related


Q: How do I create an adoptable?

 • You may click on your username in the top right corner, look for "My Adoptables", click on the "+" box beside it and you will be taken to the Adoptable Creation page.

Note: You are currently able to upload the sizes 85x110 and 130x145. Your adoptable must be exactly these sizes or it will fail to upload; which seems to be the most causes for upload failures.

Q: Can I upload more than 1 adoptable?

• While we currently do not have a multi-upload feature, you may upload more than 1 adoptable. Depending on your account membership status, it will determine how many adoptables you are allowed to upload per day.

Gold members have unlimited uploading! Click here to find out more.


​​​​​​Q: Can I adopt other Adoptables that aren't mine?

• You sure can! However, there is an adoption limit. Depending on your account membership status, it will determine how many adoptables you are able to adopt.

Gold members have unlimited storage!

Q: Must the Adoptables be drawn only by me, can I upload artwork of others?

• No, you may not upload someone elses artwork, this is called plagiarism and is against the rules. If your artwork is deemed not to be drawn by you, the creation WILL be deleted and you will recieve a warning. You yourself must only upload your own artwork, however, if another user has bases and templates that are free to use for others, that means you have granted permission to use them, but you must credit them upon uploading.


Q: Can I upload Adoptables drawn on paper?

•  Sure! You may used scanned drawings. However, it is recommended your adoptable to be transparent, and resizing may destroy some detail.

Account Related

Q: How do I get those special gold/silver colored names?!

• By purchasing a membership of your choice and enjoying the features. :)


Q: What are points used for?

• Points are used for certain features of the site that require them, such as adopting, evolving, buying badges etc. Upon completing these actions, an amount of points will be deducted from your account.

Q: Uh oh, my points ran out! How do I earn more?

• Earn more points by creating adoptables and badges, or purchasing more. You can purchase more points here. It also helps out the site! You could also participate in contests to earn them as prizes!

Forum Related

Q: BBCode doesn't work?! 

• Our site supports HTML. Easily fancy up your posts by using the editor or typing HTML yourself! If you don't know how to use HTML, The internet is your source of help! 

★ BBCode will not work on your profile or forum posts.


Q: How do I make a thread?

• Easy! Click the  button.


Q: What are good art programs to use?

• Paint Tool Sai, Clipstudio and Opencanvas are excellent programs. However, there are even free art programs you can use, Pixlr, Krita, MyPaint and even just MsPaint which are all notable programs! For Mobile users, you can also use iBisPaint and Autodesk programs!


Q: Who do I go to if I need assistance, help or run into trouble?

PLEASE feel free to contact the staff or even experienced members for help, and report and issues you may have with the staff immediately. We will work with you and resolve the problem.

★Remember to report anyone who is impersonating/falsely identifying themselves as a staff member of Squiby.