Oceanus Leupak

Oceanus Leupak

Oceanus Leupak [egg < 51, hatchling < 201, adult 201+] -- This Leupak phenotype is brought forth from eggs bathed in the waters of the river Oceanus, the counterpart of the river Styx that flows through the so called higher planes. The two rivers are actually one and the same, looping back into itself... however where the Styx is foul and corruptive, Oceanus is pure and restorative. As such, the planar infusion of the Oceanus leupak grants it a benevolent axiomatic essence much like that of the Empyreal, but without the order affinity of that particular phenotype. As such, Oceanus leupaks tend to be of a carefree and goodwilled nature. They also are invariably aquatic adapted, possessing fins, webbed fingers and toes and usually nostrils relocated to the tops of their heads, just above the facet. Oceanus Leupak Spoiler

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