Cheshire [WATER]

Cheshire [WATER]

Cheshire Daemons are Wonderland's biggest export as many people want one of these unusual creatures. Most CheshireD's have a human form they can change into but the CheshireDs here at the Wonderland Adopt centre rarely have a human form making them the perfect house pets. There are many kinds of Cheshire Daemon all stemming from one many years ago. Cheshire Daemons aren't actually born nor are they related. When a CheshireD 'dies', as long as they are buried in Wonderland soil, a silver tree will emerge bearing purple fruits resembling apples. From these apples Cheshire Daemons will emerge, including the original Daemon whom passed but they usually don't have memories of their previous life. All the Daemons here are NewGens meaning they have looong lineages and don't have any of the benefits that first, second or third generations do.
Fun facts: -The lighter the CheshireD's coat is the closer its tree was to running water. - The most common colour for CheshireDs is purple but there are some oddities due to some being experimented on. - There are a few rare 'black' CheshireDs who have escaped the wonderland Labs as they were going to be destroyed for being failed experiments.


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