Flarion - Frost Heritor V1

Flarion - Frost Heritor V1


[egg < 51, hatchling < 201, adult 201+]

A Frost Heritor Flarion is a fluke, having an Ice elemental affinity rather than the normal Fire. Strikingly obvious in its physical difference from its natural brethren, it is silver and blue scaled and feathered rather than red and gold, and its eyes burn a cold blue-white. Its breath is said to be True Cold, capable of freezing anything it touches solid in short order... according to legend, even energies, words or concepts like 'law' or 'time'... although that seems rather unlikely. Frost Heritors differ from Fire Flarion in personality as well... they are slow to anger, and more likely to take a neutral stance in affairs, seeing most conflicts as fleeting and unimportant. Patient, cunning and determined, they take a long-view approach quite befitting an immortal creature... but are stubborn to a fault as well. Once a Frost Flarion has made a judgement it will not change its mind, and once it sets its carefully wrought plans into motion, it persists as relentlessly as a glacier wears down a mountain. Although harder to rouse, its anger is no less deadly than that of its fiery brethren... it is every bit as vengeful, and this trait combined with its calculating patience and relentlessness makes it willing to pursue a grudge forever if it takes that long, til the utter destruction of its object.

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