Stygian Leupak

Stygian Leupak

Stygian Leupak [egg < 51, hatchling < 201, adult 201+] -- Natural leupaks are considered by many to be horrific enough in their habits... a leupak infused with Stygian essence truly lives up to this image. Like most creatures of Stygian nature, they are brutal, sadistic and depraved by almost any standards. They have prominant bony ridges on their bodies that appear as skeletal features, possess a myriad of horns and jagged spinelike growths, and are covered in denticles rather than scales. Colors tend to range from wild and garish combinations, to bone pale, to ash dark or any combination of these. Their eyes burn like cinders of unmitigated hatred. Stygian Leupak Spoiler

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