Empyreal Leupak

Empyreal Leupak


Empyreal Leupak [egg < 51, hatchling < 201, adult 201+] -- Much to my surprise, I succeeded in infusing a leupak egg with Empyreal essence, spawning this line. Empyreal leupaks seem to be a contradiction in nature; their native essence appears to be Chaos, and the Empyreal Source is definitely Order- axiomatic. Merging the two should not be possible, yet Chaos always seems to find a way to create an exception to every rule. In any case, Empyreal leupaks seem to be principled and benevolent in attitude. They are typically pearlescent scaled with variable markings of gold or silver. Most mature specimens possess small wings, though these are purely ornamental. (Note: Leupaks are natives of Valenth and DNA's creation.) Empyreal Leupak Spoiler

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