Flarion - Fire Heritor V3

Flarion - Fire Heritor V3

Flarion, Fire Heritor (limited) [egg < 51, hatchling < 201, adult 201+] -- 'Heritors' of Planar Essence usually come about either through magical experimentation or breeding, with the latter being more common than might be expected. A Fire Heritor Flarion is a Flarion that, for whatever reason, has an even stronger fire element nature than normal. Effectively half fire-elemental, these golden scaled, phoenix-like dragons gain an enhanced ability to manipulate flame magic, at the cost of the ability to use any other kind of magic at all. For the most part, they are physically indistinguishable from natural Flarion dragons until they let their inner fire get the better of them... at which point their crests, wings, or scales may shimmer with heat or actually transform into living flame. This may happen with some frequency, as Fire Heritor Flarions tend to be even more volatile tempered than the natural sort. (Note: Flarion dragons are native to Valenth and DNA's creation.)

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