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Created by qldhkgksk2150 13 days ago
Slowly and quietly

Created by gyakutenkenji 13 days ago
what on earth has happened to this website lmao... Even the logos messed up and they were too lazy to make it transparent..

Created by duskysoulz 22 days ago
I used to be an older member here, but I left because it was inconveint to access it only on the computer, which meant that I couldn't continue my roleplays. I made a new account because it seems to work on my phone now but...what happened here? It's barely recognizable, and it's pretty...

Created by sadgeras 4 months ago
Squiby is still broke. I think i'm one of the last survivors on this deserted website. Adopts that survived the fallout are still eggs. Send clicks.

Created by riakodoadm 6 months ago
I had only barely started getting myself to make adoptable things when the news of an upgrade started hitting this site. Laziness+waiting on the upgrade kept me from continuing on, and I wish I did anyway. It's bad enough that the automated art theft incident (which I wasn't even around...

Created by valentinegun 6 months ago
Member since 2016. Missing adoptions and folders. Spent so much time with my little adoptions, PLEASE GIVE THEM BACK!! A concerned mother, #BRING BACK OLD SQUIBY

Created by xxmiku 6 months ago
I came back to look at squiby to find the website is completely different. Most of my adoptions disappeared and I am disappointed. I really loved this website, but what happened to it? Where did my adoptions disappear to? I know I adopted more than what I see in my adoption list. It was a nice...

Created by nootsalot 6 months ago
Came back in here to find the site looks better than it ever has! ...Only to immediately be disappointed that it's been left as a work in progress, there's a lot of spelling and grammar errors, and a lot of things are missing including the owners (again.) Also good lord, the...

Created by felin 6 months ago
Bring back the old site... i can't even enjoy it here at all.. everything that made it fun here is gone...

Created by granny 7 months ago
It is as it sounds. Some who are following me may know that I havent been creating new adoptables for a LONG time. I have been busy but also I lost my motivation to create new adoptables. Thats partly due to the new layout. I seem to have lost all my adoptions and I dont find it all that...