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Created by stripeclaw 1 month ago
I just came back to Squiby to see how things were doing and everything is changed. My adoptions are gone (or just won't load) so I go to figure that out and realize that this big update has been in the process for a year, possibly longer?? I didn't mind squiby the way it was.. now I...

Created by qldhkgksk2150 3 months ago
Slowly and quietly

Created by gyakutenkenji 3 months ago
what on earth has happened to this website lmao... Even the logos messed up and they were too lazy to make it transparent..

Created by duskysoulz 4 months ago
I used to be an older member here, but I left because it was inconveint to access it only on the computer, which meant that I couldn't continue my roleplays. I made a new account because it seems to work on my phone now but...what happened here? It's barely recognizable, and it's pretty...

Created by sadgeras 7 months ago
Squiby is still broke. I think i'm one of the last survivors on this deserted website. Adopts that survived the fallout are still eggs. Send clicks.

Created by riakodoadm 8 months ago
I had only barely started getting myself to make adoptable things when the news of an upgrade started hitting this site. Laziness+waiting on the upgrade kept me from continuing on, and I wish I did anyway. It's bad enough that the automated art theft incident (which I wasn't even around...

Created by valentinegun 9 months ago
Member since 2016. Missing adoptions and folders. Spent so much time with my little adoptions, PLEASE GIVE THEM BACK!! A concerned mother, #BRING BACK OLD SQUIBY

Created by xxmiku 9 months ago
I came back to look at squiby to find the website is completely different. Most of my adoptions disappeared and I am disappointed. I really loved this website, but what happened to it? Where did my adoptions disappear to? I know I adopted more than what I see in my adoption list. It was a nice...

Created by nootsalot 9 months ago
Came back in here to find the site looks better than it ever has! ...Only to immediately be disappointed that it's been left as a work in progress, there's a lot of spelling and grammar errors, and a lot of things are missing including the owners (again.) Also good lord, the...

Created by felin 9 months ago
Bring back the old site... i can't even enjoy it here at all.. everything that made it fun here is gone...