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YAYO! I'm artist of the month this month! :3
Planning to make some AWESOME pets soon! :DD
and yeah I dunno what to say. ;o;
Thank you!!
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Happy Halloween

: )

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Places im more active 2.0

Deviantart - tawnycatz
Chickensmoothie - tawnycatz
Transformice - tawnycatz
Emerald Activities - mrgb813
Youtube - tawnycatz
Flight Rising - tawnycatz
Howrse, International and US servers - tawnycatz
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I'm back from a quick break~

Glad to see everyone again! I've also done some more art on Scratch and published them as adopts here on Squiby! =^w^= OfflineGold memberAvianArtist



bet ur surprised to see me around these parts
yeah im. not dead or anything. the issue why i stopped is i sorta just fell out of clicking sites??? none of my friends wanna get into them and because the premise of this game is socializing iii kinda suck at that. like rly bad.
thats why i died. i still do draw and i feel like ive improved a lot since i last uploaded stuff but uh. i dont think ill be as active as i was last year or so.
my deviantart is esperels
my paigeeworld is esperdid
my art tumblr is esperartblog
and my twitter is usotokaiga
if i dont pop back and you enjoy my art, you'll find me there! except for twitter which i use to blog about stuff im into and generally more about me.
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Hi guys! Im just new here can you teach me some of basics here :D OfflineNormal Userxerxeslxix


Still on the sidelines

Adopting the random things here and there, and letting one particular adoptable of mine grow to insane level proportions. If it keeps levelling the way it has been for, about three quarters of a year... I'm afraid it's gonna, like, break some limit and end up breaking everything or something. ._.;;

Nahh. That can't happen, right?

Oh yeah, Halloween season is here. Maybe I should pull out my pixel toy bases and make some seasonal adopts or something.
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I got my braces off!!! And got on my perminit retainer, they gave me a BAG OF CANDY. I mean what orthodontist does that it was filled with chocolate, gum, and popcorn :/. Lol why popcorn, and my parents let me go to whatever restaurant I wanted.A little later they got my like 6 different gums(we don't get gum a lot, by a lot I mean ever, and they know how much I love gum.)Oh and the day before I got a hair cut. I have brown hair and so, I wanted my hair short then it's ever been. It a little below my shoulders, it does this cute thing it curls at the bottom. I don't even need to do anything to make it curl(it's so cute I wish I could show a pic or something.)
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Un-fanned myself...

I un-fanned myself because I kinda got noticed around here. I was actually my first fan xD

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*hint hint wink wink*

someone do a halloween poll OfflineNormal Userlilybloom


Avi Halloween Pets~

October just came around the corner and I'm glad to announce that I have some Halloween pets available to adopt! Don't take too long, though! The Halloween pets won't be available after Halloween, so get em' quick! ;)

Candy Corn Kitten:

Witch Kitty:

They all evolve at level 50, so get clicking! :3
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Autum/ Halloween Limits

It´s Halloween!
All my little adoptables that you can get over this time of the year.


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Yay it's all most Halloween I know it's like a 30 days away,but I have been counting since September lol.Anyways is Halloween anyone else's favorite Holliday.OMG I CANT WAIT. Me and my family are going to spend halloween in Sedona for the first time ever yay. Have you ever heard of the insanity institute in gerome, well it used to be a hospital and they turned it into a restaurant and go all out for Halloween because it has "ghosts" or something like that I guess, and so I have any been there once before and it scared the freak out of me so they turn out all the nights and I guess something happens, but I closed my eyes the hole time btw I was born In Sedona and we go back ever year. Anyways I was 5 when that happened with the closing of my eyes thing. so I was super scared at the time, but this year I will dress up as a dead prom qween and make it look like a scare dead prom queen as much as I can with the crapy makeup I have. XD. My parents and brother aren't really into Halloween that much, so these last couple of years they have been just doing it for me (I WILL NEVER BE TO OLD TO GO TREAT OF TREATING MUHAHAHA) my brother stoped trick if treating when he was 8 ughhh, I am 13 and I still go trick or treating. I can't believe he will be 15 soon then I will be 14 xD I still feel like I am 11. Anyways sorry for this long story I JUST LOVE HALLOWEEN WITH ALL MY HEART I have been listening to this is Halloween for loop for a couple days now. Ok now that I am reading this I might be obsessed with it, so anyways what are you guys going to be for Halloween. OfflineNormal UserPoisonWolf


Simple Cats Passwords!

Here are the Simple Cats passwords so far!

Simple Gray Cat:
Password: 42780

Simple Orange M. Cat:
Password: 14987
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Need suggestions for Ciel and Sebastian squiby outfits!

As the title says, I'd like to make a Ciel and Sebastian adoptable and create outfites for them.
Any suggestions for possible accessories or outfits?
There are SO MANY out there, it's really hard to decide which ones I shall pick. :"D
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I'm alive

It's almost time to get spoopy for halloween ;))) OfflineNormal UserGalaxySnow



Well as far as the two front page banners go ohho! >; D

I am in need of artists to create Halloween and Autumn themed pets now!

We are still on track for the SURPRISE for every Squiby user....soon....very soon....unless there is another delay.....we shall have it all unveiled within a month. Unless there is some delay...we shall see! >; D *crosses fingers and my eyes while I am at it! X D lol!

Happy Autumn...and soon to be Happy Halloween!!!!

Love one of your ever collecting Admins...whom is in a SSPOOooky mooooood! >; D
bb : D

*Update: I FORGOT to mention the current Artist that designed both the logo and the Evolve Banner on front page, is none other than the User...our very OWN InkblotWolf!!! YAY YAY YAY! -->



Welcome to the Inversune Project!
There are many, many strange creatures in this world to be discovered. Our goal is to find, study, and distribute these beings for the public.

Adoptions will include:
A specified amount of UNDOMESTICATED/UNTAMED specie(s) in a glass jar.
Once reaching its level of domestication and growth, can be taken out of jar.

Thank you for your interest!

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Creating lot of Adoptables...

Hello! Im creating lots of adoptables that i draw from the activities>draw>create new

The drawing on the online thing is not my style and most look like a piece of *cough* poo....

I'm creating lots of creatures...but you can post on MY PROFILE what YOU WANT CREATED by me ^^!!!

Ill take on any challenge, just ask me. I'll give you a spot-light in the description.

Please do it! Its very fun for me!
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