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Why limited!?!

Seems I can't make the rock slime an unlimited adoptable. I don't want to cause trouble by deleting the adoptable only to be uploading it again so I just tried to put the greatest number I could. But it keeps switching to 4294967295. Oh, well. :(

But at least I decided to make a plort stage for the rock slime! I guess it's still worth it. :)
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Anyone Open to Animated Badge Commissions?

I can't animate to save my life, much less a tiny pixel icon. If anyone or anyone you know is potentially willing to do this, please comment! I'm open to negotiating payment, as long as it is something I have (I can't do PayPal, sorry all).

I can pay you in:
Squiby points
DA (DeviantART) points
Custom art/adopts/stuff
Other: this can be discussed


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First adopt!

Hello all!

First adopt I've ever made for anything is out here, thrown into the judgemental web of the internet.. Welp, if it goes fast I'll raise the limit.
Kiko is essentially me, so as my art grows and expands you'll pry see better versions of her coming out at the end of each year. If I remember that my Squiby account exists, that is, haha...

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Olympus: The Next Generation

Artech's prompt: Betrayal, cursed, freedom.
I was running, running from my past, running from the demons, and running from the oncoming void. It sucked everything in, devoured it, swallowed it whole. I should have known it would catch up to me. I could never escape, no matter how fast I ran or how well I hid. I would always be it's target, it was fated to be so. I sensed it getting closers, so I pushed myself to godspeed. Mercury’s sandals burst into existence at my feet, granting me a few precious seconds of freedom from the monster behind me.

A hand broke through the nothingness in front of me, riding on a beautiful arch of color. “Byron,” I breathed.

His hand gestured frantically, and I grabbed on. He pulled me through the rainbow, away from the darkness behind me. When I came through, I was in a lush apartment room. There was a soft red carpet beneath my calloused bare feet, ornately carved chairs at the table, and a fire burning cheerfully in the fireplace.

I gazed in awe at the splendor before me, and turned around to thank Byron; only to find that he’d vanished. In the place where he should have been was a tall, well-built man. I took a step back and fell unintentionally. A Titan. And not just any Titan, this was Perses, the Titan of destruction. Betrayal stabbed me in the heart like a knife. I hastily got to my feet and summoned my caduceus, readying the spell I’d been taught beneath Olympus.

Perses laughed, a deep and rich sound that echoed in my ears. “Better not use that yet, Amy dear,” he chided me, “for the games have only just begun!”
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More slimes coming soon!

The puddle slime is now checked off my to-create list. I will have other slimes soon in the couple following days. All adoptables have the same password, which has been mentioned before and I will not repeat again due to the fear of discovery. I will make you guys hunt for it. :P
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Rock slimes are hard...

Literally! I attempted to create a rock slime adoptable. It turned out fine, I guess, besides the fact that it's so tiny! I decided I won't make a plort for it's first stage but in fact make it password protected (same password, you know the rules :P) and also limited. I might make a more modified rock slime later, but I can't guarantee it.

(P.S. On a different topic, I highly encourage that if you intend on adopting my adopts, that you get my tabby slime. It's literally the best out of the three I've created so far, despite how promising the plort looks. xD)

Edited to add that I also created the rad slime. :D
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New slime!

Thanks to the support of ONE/TWO people, I made another slime. The tabby slime is now available! (And the password is the same) :D

I will continue to create more slimes while I still feel like it and when I have time. Be tuned for more!
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My first adoptable!

I finally created something-the most common and widespread slime of all-the pink slime! It's from a game called Slime Ranchers which is still new. I have yet to play it but the slimes are just too cute that I had to attempt to draw one. xD

I am fully aware that my adoptable is password protected however if you are reading my blog-post right now, you get to adopt it with the password given freely to you, reader, as a gift- "vacpackme"

I'm thinking about making the other slimes but that's yet to be decided. If you think I should create more, I would love to see any encouragement in the comments section below. ^.^
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Christmas Time and all his Limits!

Christmas is comming and here are all the adoptables you can adopt from me around this time of the year!

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I won a competition I didn't even know existed!

I managed to get 1st place in Pet of the week with Myst, who I had to Level to 300 just to hatch, and 500 just to see its next stage! This will be an interesting time here. OfflineGold memberMH_Friend


I won a competition I didn't even know existed!

I managed to get 1st place in Pet of the week with Myst, who I had to Level to 300 just to hatch, and 500 just to see its next stage! This will be an interesting time here. OfflineGold memberMH_Friend


Rain, a story of inspiration.

The artist - their pencils sharpened, pens ready, Sketchbook open, and lights dimmed - stared out the window, a heavy storm battering their windows. Lighting struck off in the distance, followed by a boom of thunder. The artist wasn't having a good day, but the storm... Oh how the storm INSPIRED them! Their thoughts, emotions, ideas, and philosophies were suddenly much... Clearer, like a pane of well crafted glass, made with almost a kind of love. The artist shut their Sketchbook, reaching for their waterproof notebook and smudge resistant pencils. They got up, put their rainboots on, grabbed their umbrella, and headed out to find a nice spot to sit and Doodle in the rain. OfflineGold memberMH_Friend



PLZ ;)
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Go on - !!! OfflineNormal UserLaiyla09



Some bad news...
As since my parents take away my PC to decorate a christmas tree,they took today.
I feel very bad now.
So i'll now only adopt, talk, and i can create pets, but it's very few as since there's another PC here, but many people use it.
So i'll come back to normal when christmas is over.

(If some portuguese words appears on my texts, that's my tablet ><)
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About Me (Updated)

Hi,you can call me Luci,or if you want,call as my Squiby username or MLPP.
I'm a female,with she/her and they/them pronoums.
I joined Squiby on 2014.
I like MLP,Steven Universe,Ninjago,Undertale,Wadanohara,The Gray Garden,galaxy things,cute things,food,potatoes and also robots (they're cool).
I'm friendly,but if you borther me,i'll borther you.
I have a lot of fan characters.
I'm a contribuitor of OCtale AU.
I'm brazilian,it's cool!

And i also have a younger sister here. She didn't show any activity,she even forgot that she haves an Squiby account.
Her account is AuthenticaGames.
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An artist that i love actually plays squiby...her account is even older than mine :v
But she didn't created pets yet.

(btw her account is 7 years old,maybe more,and mine is just 2 years old :v )
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Upcoming Pixel Adoptables


Look out for these new upcoming adoptables this month and next month that i'm creating to test a new coloring method!

Cherry Blossom Dragon
-Panda Fanatic
-Dazed Flower Girl
-Autumn Leaf Dragon Snow Flake Dragon

*The dragons might be late in creation because i'm just now learning how to do animal pixels.
Like the new button thing up there? :D Just another part of my graphics designing.
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Holiday Incoming! Thanksgiving first and then CHRISTMAS!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick message to let the artists that are working with me know that I will be on for a lot of Saturday. (Not just laying idle.) Mails that are in discussions, will be further replied to and ideas worked upon. : )

I have been so busy with Real Life stuff that I just blinked and it is Thursday! X''D

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Oh my god

Dear lord. Do you ever get that feeling where you come back to something you had long abandoned and you just get that wave of

c r i n g e

I think I'm gonna leave the past where it belongs, but I wish you all a good day! <3
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