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Well.. I'm not very good at blogging but I mine as well since I have a gold membership for now. I got completely taken by surprise by the Artist of the Month thing. X3 I feel completely honored. I love this website and everyone in it. Everyone's been really kind and sweet and it's refreshing.

I'm in the process of making new squibys but they won't be abundant in color like the Gub'gubs and Stitch Kats. Each one will be different. I am also making birthday Squibys that will work like Elen's birthday squibys. I thought that was really neat so I thought i'd make my own for other people too.

But now that I'm being honored with Artist of the Month I need to make a celebratory squiby that will only be available while I have the gold membership. I have no clue what it's going to be though lol. ^w^

Mood: Excited
Eating:Saltine Crackers (Wasn't feeling good this morning)
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