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I'm sad... I don't know how to make Pets! Please, Help me...
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Creamstar's Story (Shiningstar's leadership)

Shiningstar: Tom 39 moons yellow_abyssinian_cat_wallpaper.jpg

Shinerock: She-cat 40 moons __my_brown_cat___by_Punk_Rock_Michelle.j

Medicine cat:

Blackface: 40 moons Tomth?id=H.5066340074391165&pid=15.1
Snowpaw: She-catdomestic_cat_felis_catus_black_cat_with_


Dawntooth: Tom 20 moons th?id=H.4631702323856537&pid=15.1

Sunbrush: She-cat 37 moons th?id=H.4840420541401111&pid=15.1

Birdsong: She-cat 16 moons th?id=H.4955641579111722&pid=15.1

Flatface: Tom 21 moonsth?id=H.5045161650488209&pid=15.1

Grayfeather: Tom 49 moods gray-cat-by-cappon-on-deviantart.jpg

Barkface: Tom 14 moonsannot3007_1.jpg

Wetnose: Tom 12 moons 90530_1303513335589_full.jpg

Longear: She-cat 40 moons 19f3048d-77d6-3500-9f11-ff2a0c61469e *Mother of Brown-nose*

Creamtooth: She-cat 50 moons th?id=H.4724099944350548&pid=15.1

Flowerfur: She-cat 42 moons th?id=H.4647078325585785&pid=15.1

Morninglight: Tom 27 moons th?id=H.4553001306622429&pid=15.1


Dawnpaw: Tom 8 moons th?id=H.4976905954788445&pid=15.1&w=130&

Mosspaw: Tom 10 moons 260818-standard.jpg

Goldpaw: Tom 6 moons calico-cat-2[1].jpg


Brown-nose: *around* 40 moons She-cat Mate is Shiningstar* img src=>

Whitefur: 31 moons She-cat Mate is unknownCurious_cat.jpg

Greeneyes: 46 moons She-cat Mate is Grayfeather Toy-Cats.jpg

Nighteye: 28 moons She-cat Mate is Dawntooth BlackCat3.jpg

Crystalmouse: 29 moons She-cat Mate is Morninglight Tabby_cat_orig.jpg

Brown-nose's kits:
Creamkit: 3 moons She-kit Sunsweet.jpg

Sunkit 3 moons She-kit 956987.JPG

Whitefur's kit:

Hardkit: 4 moons Tom white-cat-gold-eyes-i8.jpg

Greeneyes kit:

Graykit: 5 moons th?id=H.4911034100744551&pid=15.1

Nighteye's kit:
Not here yet~

Crystalmouse's kit:

Nightkit: 2 moons black-maine-coon-1.jpg

Bluekit: 2 moons maine-coon-cats.jpg


Dawnear: 63 moons She-cat Bluesmoke_Maine_Coon_Female_cat.jpg

Flufftoe: 63 moons Tom sam.jpg

Brownpelt: 63 moons She-cat th?id=H.4854224575924702&pid=15.1


John: Unkown age, Kittypet, Tom orange.jpg

Chocolate: Unkown age, Kittypet, She-cat flickr-3172874798-original.jpg
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Well, it seems that Squiby's changed a lot~ I mean, blogs? Wow! Games? YEA. And so on. It's pretty amazing. I've been on this site for... Who knows how long. OfflineNormal UserExiled


Creamstar's Story

Chapter 1

"Creamstar?" Creamstar lets out a soft growl "What? I just got up!" Creamstar opens her eyes to see her mate, Barkface. "Oh, sorry Barkface! I was just having a great dream, what do you need?"
"Well, it is almost past sun-high and you said you were going to make new warriors."
"Ah... Yes..." Creamstar gets up and walks out her den. Her belly feels heavy because of her kits that will be due any day now. As Creamstar climbs on top of the rock pile she looks down at the apprentice that are getting groomed by their mother. She sighs happily, thinking of how proud she will be when her kits are made warriors. As she sits down she looks at her deputy, Mossdog.
Mossdog comes up to Creamstar "How did you sleep?"
"Sorry I didn't mean to let you over sleep, you just seemed so tried lately."
"It is ok. Let all cats old enough to climb come to the Rockpile!" As she called for her clan to come everyone gathered around the rockpile "Today is a good day for Moonclan, today we are making two new warriors," Creamstar points her tail at Clawpaw and Hawkpaw. "Clawpaw, and Hawkpaw have trained hard to become two great warriors." She looks down on them, "Clawpaw do you promise to protect your clan with everything you have in your heart? To be loyal all the time for many moons to come?" The tom looks up at Creamstar, "I do"
"Then from now on you will be known as Clawfoot. May Starclan honor you for your braveness and loyalty." Then Creamstar jumps down from the rock pile and presses head nose on Clawfoot's ear. And Clawfoot put his on her shoulder. Creamstar looks at Hawkpaw, "Hawkpaw do you promise to protect your clan with everything you have in your heart? To be loyal all the time for many moons to come?"
"I do."
"Then from now on you will be known as Hawkwing. May Starclan honor your instends and kindness." Creamstar does the same to Hawkwing and he does the same to her. Creamstart hears her clan call out there names "Clawfoot! Hawkwing! Clawfoot! Hawkwing! Clawfoot! Hawkwing!" Creamstar smiles at them. "You will sit Vigil for tonight."


As Creamstar goes back to her den she feels a huge pain in her belly... "THE KITS!" She yowls. Barkface jumps out of the warrior's den "What going on?"
"The kits! They are coming! Go get Snowface!" A few minutes later Snowface was there "Come," she helps Creamstar into her den. "Lay down on the moss and stay still, Barkface go get me a stick, ...." Creamstar does not hear the rest because she lets out a painful meow. Barkface runs off to get the herbs and stick. When he comes back Creamstar is still meowing in pain. "Bite down on this Creamstar." Creamstar bite down on the stick. A few moments later... The first kit came out. "It is a tom." Meows Snowface... Creamstar bites down harder on the stick, the next kit came out then the next. And finally the last. Creamstar lays her head down and starts to fall asleep... When Creamstar woke up next, she was laying next to four hugery kits. "They are beautiful!" Creamstar jumps at the voice of her mate, Barkface. "Yes they are Barkface."
"What will we name them?"
"This one looks like a tree," Creamstar points at the smallest dark brown kit. "Lets name him Treekit."
"That is lovely, and this one," he points at a honey colored kit "should be Creamkit."
"Yes, and this one should be Darkkit."
"I love that name," purrs Barkface. "Should this one be Sharpkit?"
"Yes," Creamstar purrs loudly and wraps around her kits. "My two toms and two she-kits." She purrs and starts to go back to sleep.

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Cats of Creamstar's Story (Creamstar's leadership time)

Creamstar: 23 moons She-cat Sunsweet.jpg

Mossdog: 30 moons Tom 260818-standard.jpg

Medicine cat:
Snowfoot: 40 moons She-cat domestic_cat_felis_catus_black_cat_with_


Bluepelt: 222 moons She-cat maine-coon-cats.jpg

Nightfoot: 22 moons Tom black-maine-coon-1.jpg

Barkface: 34 moons old Tom annot3007_1.jpg

Dawntail: 28 moons Tom th?id=H.4976905954788445&pid=15.1&w=130&

Wetnose: 32 moons Tom 90530_1303513335589_full.jpg

Clawtoe: 18 moons She-cat 65f0f606-065e-11e2-a10c-fa5a255a9258_UUI

Mousetail: 18 moons She-cat funny-orange-long-tail-cat.jpg *sisters with Clawtoe*

Birdsong: 36 moons She-cat th?id=H.4955641579111722&pid=15.1 *mother of Clawpaw and Hawkpaw*

Goldeye: 26 moons Tom calico-cat-2[1].jpg

Hardtooth: 24 moons Tom white-cat-gold-eyes-i8.jpg

Flatface: 41 moons Tom th?id=H.5045161650488209&pid=15.1


Clawpaw: 14 moons Tom orange_tabby_cat_2.jpg

Hawkpaw: 14 moons Tom OciCatB_004.jpg *brother to Clawpaw*

Tanpaw: 8 moonsShe-cat americanshorthair.jpg

Graypaw: 9 moons She-cat May_cat.JPG


Sunfur: 23 moons Mate is Hardtooth 956987.JPG (sister to Creamstar)

Morninglight: 38 moons Mate is Flatface 1137787593cat-photos-011.jpg

Grayheart: 25 moons Mate is Goldeye th?id=H.4911034100744551&pid=15.1


Sunfur's kits:

Creamkit: 2 Tom moons 29555-Cream-kitten-looking-over-its-shou

Snowkit: 2 Tom moonsth?id=H.4824095394693974&pid=15.1

Morninglight's kits:

Softkit: 4 moons She-kit*smaller* th?id=H.5006871945937991&pid=15.1

Mosskit: 4 moons She-kitth?id=H.4763665167877524&pid=15.1

Grayheart's kit:

Sharpkit: 5 moons *smaller* Chinook_Pic3.JPG


Sunbrush: She-cat 60 moons old th?id=H.4840420541401111&pid=15.1

Brown-nose: She-cat 72 moons old th?id=H.4965893713168109&pid=15.1 *Sunfur and Creamstar's mother*

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i need some friends im like so bored. I would appriecite someone that can click on mine and i click on theres OfflineNormal UserwolfiedoesMC



Hello :D
si vous voulai faire un tour sur ma fan fiction amour sucreƩ:,1-autres-un-monde-nouveau.htm
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Pewdiepie Blog!

Sup! This blog is talking about the famous Pewdiepie! :D
if you don't know him he on youtube search PewDiePie!IF Your under 15 You Can't watch him because he well says some bad things...AnyWay!Pewdiepie is a great Dude! :?3 Oh he's so FUNNY!! XD He was in Sweden Now he is now in italy! where My Grandma Lives! X3Anyway this is short so BYYYYYE~!! XD O3< Ov< >u0?
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Levels....Bored time :P

Pet's name: Jessie June Bug
Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Pet's name: Kendull
Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Note: I am editing this everyday.
The Albino Vulpix evolves on level 52. Jiffis evolves at level16. The fire lion evolves on level (I think...) 7698396.png Tiger Star evolves on level 34. 7698339.pngWarrior cats Mothwing evolve on level 30. Some of those dragons evolves on level 25. 7699634.png The Chathora evolves on level 80 or random. 7699653.png 7699656.png

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hey there everyone this is my first post

hey guys how are u all if youre here that means youre reading this post and if youre reading this then please comment as well :D

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Blackclaw47's Blog

I am Blackclaw47 I am WCRPG I am called Yumi, OMGpop as Yumi47, ChickenSmoothie as Yumi47, I am not really on use I used too... OfflineNormal UserBlackclaw47


this is my blog!

I guess... OfflineNormal Userrockshadow


First Membership Blog

Well.. I'm not very good at blogging but I mine as well since I have a gold membership for now. I got completely taken by surprise by the Artist of the Month thing. X3 I feel completely honored. I love this website and everyone in it. Everyone's been really kind and sweet and it's refreshing.

I'm in the process of making new squibys but they won't be abundant in color like the Gub'gubs and Stitch Kats. Each one will be different. I am also making birthday Squibys that will work like Elen's birthday squibys. I thought that was really neat so I thought i'd make my own for other people too.

But now that I'm being honored with Artist of the Month I need to make a celebratory squiby that will only be available while I have the gold membership. I have no clue what it's going to be though lol. ^w^

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