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Day 2

I am doing great on this game! So far I have been making adoptables like CRAZY! I am hoping some folks will pick 'em up. I have been using my amazingly amazing tablet and "sketch book" to make these pets for you. I am still making new Kittens and Puppies so don't stop looking out for those. I am noticing that you guys really love my "Stormkit". That's good because...I love it too! Thanks again for stopping by. Stay Tuned ;)
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lol, hello

AII EYY< HERPDREPHERP, idk, i'm just having fun. check out my DA ,PIQ, art thread OfflineNormal Userlolface


First Day

Today, I started to play this amazing site. So far, I like it and I can't wait to get even further on. I am going to make tons of adoptables for you guys to check out ;). I hope you all take a look! OfflineNormal UserShadowsong45


New Species!

Just created a new species: Floapies!

The first Floapie is Dusty Rose, and a surprise awaits you. Visit the adoptables page to find the Floapie.

I will also take requests for Floapie designs. Message me for more details and requests.
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Squiby - My Adoptables

Yep, its a blog about my adoptables. Any information about my adoptables can be found here.

Species: Any new species I create, you can find information about, as well as any new pets in the species.
Series: Pets in any series I create will have information here.
One-Time Pets: Any pets there will only be one type of can be found here. Limits as well as the name of the pet will be here for you to see.

You'll be able to find all this and more in my adoptables blog.
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bad start blogging .. but my name is ToUtaH .. From Wonderland < It's the same land of Aladdin Hahahaha .. I'll be lazy in blogging don't Stay tuned for more from me ;p OfflineNormal Usertoutah



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Well I haven't been that active lately though i did change my username anyway if you would like to find me or contact me in anyway please go to my deviant art account HalfInane-Halfmental >

I'm normally Online whenever i wake up of course XD it being 10:31am right now I'm about to head off e-e

Will be back though ^^ so bye for now .. oh and by back i mean on my da not here e-e

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Hi! (:

Ummmm... trying to work my way around this site XD Haha OfflineNormal Useraliney


Umm... Hi.

Hi there. I am sorta new here. I have sen this place a couple times, then I decided to join and get my cute little free squiby! I have horses mainly. They are my favorite animal. OfflineNormal UserLightningfang


Yeah idk how often ill blog here :p
Might make another post later...or edit this one
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Pasta blog!!!

Hello! I am meep! Pasta cat is my good friend, he is a pasta cat, of course. His name is Noodles.Feel free to watch his life! :) OfflineNormal UserMeepMerp



konnishihaa!!! ^w^ watashi ha conytanz desu xDD ya para que xdd soy conytanz,constanza,cony..w. y tengo 12 años nwn cumplo 13 el 29 de septiembre,mi signo es libra,soy OTAKU y GAMER *-* una chica gamer nada mal no? ;P xdd hmm! adoro los pandas!! y la musica gusta tocar el teclado la zampoña y la flauta :p estoy inscrita en un taller instrumental claro...bueno mis pasatiempos son dibujar anime manga etc.... adoro HORA DE AVENTURA en especial MARCELINE y MARSHALL *-*
juego Corazon de melón :33 :
para ser sincera me gusta demasiado el profesor de musica...=//////= bueno no importa xdd eso es todo .w.
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Something about me...

Hi :)

My nickname is Kirra, but my real name is Claire (Klára in Czech). Yes, I live in Czech Republic, but it isn´t important. :)
I love fantasy books and stories (and I write too..), drawing (I hope that my first adoptable will be here soon.)

I like Supernatural, so if you also like it, please, call me.. ;) Who´s your favourite character?

I´m looking forward to your messages.
Have a nice day,
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I'm BAck :D

Hello, I am back on Squiby now!! OfflineNormal UserInuyashaWolf


OC Relationships Guide [WILL BE LONG] -WIP-

This blog entry will contain detailed information about the relationships between my OCs to help me solidify my chosen pairings. Will be under constant editing, and may also become very long.

WARNING: Will contain male x male pairings and interactions. If this is not your cup of tea, read no further!


The main triangle::

Originally intended to start off as a simplistic pairing of Kit and Vex, the initial pairing was scrapped in favor of having Vex remain a close friend to Kit while he went with Jasper. However, after some experimental role playing and solitary writing, I changed my mind and reverted back to having Kit go with Vex. Initially, Alex and Kit did not get along well, the two only cooperated and tolerated one another for Vex's sake. As well, Alex originally had no romantic interest in anyone and hated interacting with people in general. Though various role plays and character development, I started to shift towards pairing off Kit and Alex, once again pushing Vex onto the sidelines. But then, I couldn't shake my feelings of still wanting Kit to be with Vex in some manner, so I've worked the three into a canon triangle.

Kit and Vex were best friends since their childhood. Their first encounter was not the healthiest first meeting, but it served to bring the two together for the first time. Kit was cold and unapproachable to most, but Vex took a liking to him the first time Kit saved him from being bullied at school. Of course, Kit's intentions were purely self-centered, wanting to vent his own ill behavior, but Vex could see a light of loneliness in Kit's eyes and worked hard to befriend the other boy. Once Kit finally accepted Vex as his friend, the two became inseparable. By the time the two were in grade five, Vex had developed a crush on Kit. It was obvious to Kit, and even to a few others, but Vex himself was oblivious to his own feelings and mistook them for strong feelings of friendship and saw nothing unusual about it. Kit was confused at first, but he didn't dislike it. At this time, Kit had also been on the outs with his father over his condition and fled from home one stormy night. He bumped into Vex who had been out with his family, and they brought Kit to their house for the night. The next morning, Vex's family met up with Kit's butler, since the boy's father refused to have anything to do with him, and a deal was made for Kit to be taken in by Vex's family while he attended school. The plan was that Kit would eventually come back home in a few years time, when the bad blood between his father and himself had settled. In the time Kit spent with Vex's family, he learned to control his ill behavior or vent through video games rather than picking fights at school.

The two boys grew ever closer to one another, and soon it was common to find them asleep together, Vex often snuggled up against Kit. It was around this time that Alex came into the picture as well. Having come from a seemingly tragic background, Alex was introverted and quiet, having lost his voice in an automotive accident that also killed his parents. On top of that, he was two years younger than everyone in his class, having been able to skip two grades given his high intelligence. Naturally, he was an easy target for the other kids, and often found himself bullied much like Vex was at first. His first meeting with Kit and Vex was similar to Vex's first meeting with Kit. Seeing how violent Kit could be, Alex wasn't keen on interacting with the boy, but took an instant liking to Vex, who had been the first to extend him a helping hand. Vex and Alex shared several common interests and both possessed a high IQ so it was easy for them to get along, leaving Kit to just sit there while the two interacted most times. Alex became a regular part of their group shortly after, and by the time they had finished elementary they were all good friends. Alex too, caught on early that Vex had a crush on Kit. As such, he tried not to get too close to Kit in respect of Vex's feelings, and retained a casual air with the more violent male.

By the time the three entered high school, Vex's crush had evolved into deeper feelings, but he was still confusing his affection for a brotherly bond. When asked about it by either of the other two males, Vex would laugh about it and deny any romantic interest, and they would eventually drop the subject for a while. Due to Vex's outward and friendly nature, making friends was an easy thing for Vex and in no time at all, Vex had found himself a circle of friends to hang out with. Alex had managed to make a few friends as well, but Kit remained disliked and hated by most of his classmates, and was avoided by most. Occasionally, the other students would launch an attack on Kit, which Alex and Vex would intervene and stand up for Kit. But soon, Vex began drifting away from his two best friends in favor of hanging out with his new friends, and soon Kit and Alex were left to fend for themselves. It was during this time that Kit and Alex began to form a stronger bond with one another. Being in several classes together through their high school years allowed the two to be together quite often, and they would often hang out together after school, doing homework or catching a movie or even going to the mall. With each day that passed without Vex, and each fight the two endured together, their bond grew stronger. By grade 11, Kit and Alex had started to develop feelings for each other. Casual get togethers after school became a little more personal, and trips to the mall or movie theater became more like dates. Just before graduation at the end of grade 12, the two were set to confess to each other when Vex came back into the picture after ditching his current circle of friends after getting into a fight with them while defending Kit.

This caused an awkward tension between the three, since Vex had instantly resumed his attachment to Kit, oblivious to the feelings the other two shared for each other. Knowing that Vex had been with Kit longer, Alex swallowed his pride and backed down, choosing Vex's friendship over his own feelings. This caused the smaller male to become bitter, and he distanced himself from Kit and Vex after they graduated. In his bitterness, he started to turn his back on Kit in efforts to drown his own feelings, and soon Kit had swallowed his own feelings for Alex, feeling angry at Alex for backing down against Vex. The two entered a harsh streak of bitterness towards each other that lasted for some years, and in those years Vex continued to deepen his bond with Kit. When Jasper came into the picture, living with Kit and Vex in their makeshift home, Kit and Alex were almost bitter enemies with each other, and Vex was having a hard time coping with the new member of the group. Still struggling to identify his exact feelings towards Kit, Vex found himself challenged by Jasper, who had developed his own crush on Kit and the two fought with each other numerous times each day. During this time, both Vex and Kit sought out Alex's guidance, both on how to deal with Jasper and on their own relationship with each other, which put more and more strain on Alex each time. Finally, Vex and Jasper got into a vicious fight one night and Vex finally caved in, confessing romantic feelings towards Kit. Kit was unsure if Vex really loved him romantically, but for the time being he accepted Vex's confession and the two started officially dating. Soon after, Kit talked to Jasper and rejected Jasper's feelings, leaving the latter upset. Jasper disappeared for some time, returning later with his feelings locked away and most of his memories wiped. He remained friends with Kit and Vex, but he had become an empty shell of his former self and the two rarely saw him after he'd found a new place to live.

With Jasper out of the picture, Kit and Vex should have been free to enjoy each other's company. But their relationship was not without problems. Most of the problems stemmed from Kit's decision to become a hunter, tracking down and slaughtering escaped criminals for money.
•Elaborate here on how things started and progressed and whatnot. Kit's secrecy, Vex's and Alex's reactions to finding out the truth, Vex enlisting himself as Kit's hunting partner, hospital visits, near death experiences, emotional strains, etc.
•Kit's mission that lands him in critical condition in the hospital, how he goes to Alex first after he gets out, Alex's confession

Ring and Sasha:
It's complicated... No, really. It's actually complicated.
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First Blog!!

To dear whoever is reading
I don't normally write a blog. but i'm going to give it a try. should I start from yesterday? well yesterday i worked from 10 to 6, although it didn't feel like a full day of work, and somehow i cut myself an a stickytape despenser! I know, it's kind of silly but that's what happened. Normally where i work, we worry about trying not to cust ourselves on a sliver (you know, the ones you use to slice meat, and yes,I WORKS IN A DELI!!) lololol.....and then, after I cleaned up the tiny cut I came back to the most rudest person. i'm not going to repeat what he/she said (it's not very appropriet) I never new an old person would ever say such things in public!
Anyway i got home and had meatloaf for dinner. (who doesn't love meatloaf!) I also finished the really awsome book I've been reading for about a week now, It's called Generation Dead. I recomend this book to anyone who loves a good Zombie book.
I'll give you a description of it :All over America, teenagers who have died are coming back and no one knows how. But not everyone is as accepting as Pheobe, who is drawn toward a young dead male by the name of Tommy Williams, some want to get rid of them permanently. A zombie has tried out for the school football team! and now Pheobes' undead freinds are being picked off one by one. While Pheobe and her frineds try to find the culprit, the death and inevatably, the return, of some very close threatans to break her world into pieces.
On the front of the cover there's a picture of a black rose with the heading underneath it.
Although the ending makes it look like there's another book waiting in the wings, honestley I hope there is.
and today, my friend showed my the most rediculous diet! ok to me it sound rediculous cause I don't think she needs to be on a diet.
Yeah, although I'm not that good at writing a blog I've hoped you have enjoyed it (If anyone has actually read this yet)
*CHEERS* To my first blog (and sorry my spelling is not so crash hot) ^^'
Have a good day '0^0'
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Hello There.

Hello, I am FlygonUniverse, You may call me Flygon. I am 11 and I love the Pokémon Flygon, which is a Ground Dragon type Poke. I am Willing to adopt any Creations Including Flygon Only. I am a personal Grade 6 and I am focused in many different studies so I will not be on for 6 hours Juring the game time. Though I will be on for the next 6 hours after 3:34pm Tops. OfflineNormal UserFlygonUniverse

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