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Dear everyone,

I hate to say this, but I've officially quit Squiby. I'll still be on deviantart, and post my art there, but 55, the skygge zodiac is my final adopt. He's now available. My creations will still be available for adoption.

The reason I'm saying this is because I just want to be more active on the latter site than here. Plus, I haven't been so active recently, because the site is moving soon.

Squiby is a fun site, but it's sad for me to leave. Thank you to everyone (Except those spam bots, because they aren't humans <_<) for making this site a special place. I hope you have a fun time on this site.

From a Squiby user,

OfflineGold memberAORIMARU


First adopt with accessories

So this morning in my timezone, I just made something cute that comes with accessories!

The adoptable is called "Starling", and I just uploaded it now.

If you want to see the spoiler, the link is found in its description.

NOTE: On the description, "Customizable" means it has accessories. Also, the accessories feature is probably disabled/broken, but that's just me.
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About Me and Clickbacks!

Hello everyone! You can call me Rev. I'm a Canadian user who is obsessed with collecting adoptables, and have been eagerly amassing my army. (Even though my account was created a LONG time ago, I had 0 adoptables until the day before yesterday. Now I have over 200.)

About Me:
- Female
- Going to be 25 in November
- I own 3 cats
- Sharks are my favourite animal
- Unicorns are my favourite mythical creature
- Bill Cipher will always be my Idol
- I listen to SO MUCH Vocaloid
- Digimon, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh were my childhood and I still re-watch them constantly
- I am a sparkling idol with magical powers


I will ALWAYS click back equal or more to the amount you've clicked for me. I have a click thread here:

If you click any of my pets, post there with how many times you've clicked them, and I will return the favor. If you don't specify who you want clicked, my default is to just click your avi however-many-times.

Friends get free clicks because I love them. ? Simply talk with me a bit! I'm lonely! :'D
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Time is a funny old thing, isn't it? Sometimes, something seems like the right decision, but when you look back on it, you think to yourself something along the lines of 'really. Really, self. You absolute goober.'

Probably with harsher language than that, but I'm not about to launch into a big, sweary tirade, especially not where big, sweary tirades are entirely inappropriate.

Also, I say 'something' way too much. It is a terrible habit. Ack.

Anyway, I guess I'm putting this here because I felt like I should. My life has taken several twists and turns since the days of hot-headed or rash decisions, and I've certainly had a bit of a reality kick to the face, haha.

Lesson learned: Priorities. E-drama should not be one of them.

I'm not saying I'm back or returning to creating adoptables. It's been a long time since I last made one and if I'm honest, I kind of burnt myself out on it. Though I'm sure that was kind of obvious when my productivity sort of bottomed out even when I WAS active.

That's not a 'never gonna happen' to either of those points, though. Looking down there at what's available on my profile is kind of making me cringe because of OLD ART, hah.

Anyway, yeah. I've been feeling quite reflective lately, and visiting sites I haven't done so in a long time. For the nostalgia, or just to see if they're still around!

I'm certainly glad that this is one of the ones in the 'still around' file.

Keep trucking, Squiby.

-Azulla, thinking this entry feels entirely too serious, so have a random sound: FLARB. There we go.
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I'm sorry. Kinda in activity drought.

A new adopt will be available soon. I won't tell who it is yet. It's not another skygge. It's a human girl. She'll be available once she's done!
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A Bit About Me

hiya there, everyone! my name is savannah. i'm a young sixteen year old high school student who has a life-long dream to write long novels and save every and any animal out there that needs help! OfflineNormal Userslayhes



Hi Everybody!

Well, This is my first post and I wanna declared me a really fan of the cutest adoptables, I've seen some pets awesomes! and I'll hope make some similar as soon as possible :D

Hola a todos!
Bueno, este es mi primer post y me declaró una verdadera fanática de los adoptables más lindos jajaja he visto unas mascotas increíbles y espero hacer algo similar pronto!! así que esperen noticias mias! jajajaja

Saludirijillos :*
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Olá OfflineNormal UserMithmel



Yes, It's official! I'm starting to make new Horoscope Skygges every month on their starting date!

Here's something for you!


These twins will be available as a LIMITED adopt on May 21st! About 50 of these will be available. Once they're available, get yours while you can!
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I apologize for any inconvenience. For the adoptable as my profile avatar, the password was "vacpackme" OfflineNormal Userartech


Transformers Squibies

I kind of want to see more Transformers Prime characters on Squibies, but I'm, right now, busy with finals and art on Devientart. OfflineNormal UserHarpess


New kind of Skygge other than just new character ones?

What should I make next?

Vote here!


Because only one person voted, I'm going to start making Horoscope skygges, beginning with Gemini, on May 21.
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Mars Spoilers

——> Link OfflineGold memberLakov



idk how long i'll be here but it's good to see that my profile still causes the site to lag out OfflineNormal Usermeowth


New Start!

I am back, or better, I was never away. Sorry for not uploading much, or nothing in the last time. I did a lot in this time and finally I can show it to you all. You maybe notice that I have new pets that you can adopt now. A cute kitty with a bunnyhat and also the Pokémon Vivillon. Yes I do all the Vivillonpattern.
But that´s not all. The adoptable thread and also the request thread are in new dress! They look better as before now.

Please take a look:

Adoptable Thread

Request Thread

I want to upload again with this new pets and hope you like it. There are also a few already finish on my pc that wait for the upload, but that´s for later.
So, what do you think? Are the new one good? Any wish for the future?

And I also can hint what will come one day. I work on a new serie that is pink and hungy all the time. Also on a pet where I put a lot backbone into it.
OfflineNormal UserJureko


Happy Easter Everybody!!! (l) (l) <- Bunny Ears Ohho!

Happy Easter Everyone! (=^ o ^=)//

I missed out on getting commissions done...due to time and RL issues. OTL! X''D I won't miss out again! : ) I will get some Spring Fun ones done though!

As for the new site updates....I will be getting a look and trying it out sometime this upcoming week I believe. (I totally skimmed my email since I have been so darn busy!) I will give YOU updates afterwards by possibly next weekend or during that week following. Things have changed since I made sure your wishes were known that you want the pets/creations to function and be the same. (Especially since the multiple panel pets that need the images to be as they are now...connecting seamlessly side by side.) They are working on that right now.

I will keep you all up to date as things progress...hopefully at the end of this month we will switch over.

Have a Happy Easter and great BUNNY DAY people!
(l) (l)
(=* o *=)//

Main Admin
bb! : )



If you play Chicken smoothie and you want to talk about squiby then click on the link below and just post.
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April Fools Day is over, but

I'm legit bringing this adopt back. I'm not kidding lol. This isn't a joke. I made this way way back in 2015.

tKD4e6.pngThis is the new version

Annnnnnd this is the old one

He will be available today. Two stages and limited just like the old one.

Edit: He was delayed, but he's available now.
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Might be less active this month

I might quit this website for a month or two. I'm not actually quitting Squiby, I'm just not as active as before. Anyway, you can check out my DeviantArt here. OfflineGold memberAORIMARU


Easter is Coming soon! : D

Hi Everyone!

Easter is coming up! I love the bunnies and baskets and everything about Easter! : ) I might get some commissions done and uploaded on here. It depends though......I am super busy again. And I have to make sure issues are resolved first.


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