Happy Easter Everybody!!! (l) (l) <- Bunny Ears Ohho!

Posted on : 04/16/17 @ 10:55 am
Happy Easter Everyone! (=^ o ^=)//

I missed out on getting commissions done...due to time and RL issues. OTL! X''D I won't miss out again! : ) I will get some Spring Fun ones done though!

As for the new site updates....I will be getting a look and trying it out sometime this upcoming week I believe. (I totally skimmed my email since I have been so darn busy!) I will give YOU updates afterwards by possibly next weekend or during that week following. Things have changed since I made sure your wishes were known that you want the pets/creations to function and be the same. (Especially since the multiple panel pets that need the images to be as they are now...connecting seamlessly side by side.) They are working on that right now.

I will keep you all up to date as things progress...hopefully at the end of this month we will switch over.

Have a Happy Easter and great BUNNY DAY people!
(l) (l)
(=* o *=)//

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bb! : )

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