Bug-type Pokémon Series!

Posted on : 01/16/17 @ 11:43 pm
Hello Squiby users!

You might know me from all of those insect adoptables I make. And if you've been paying good attention, you'd know I make them every two days. Well, now to fill in that gap, I'm going to be starting a Bug-type Pokémon adoptables series!

The schedule will be like this:

Day one (2 insect adoptables) --> Day two (One Pokémon adoptable) --> Day three (2 insect adoptables) --> Day four (One Pokémon adoptable)... and so forth!

It will go in Pokédex order, so Caterpie first, then Weedle, and onwards, all the way to Gosilopod!

I think Pokémon are pretty cool, and Bug-types are my favourite, and are really underrated! I think if I get the love of them out there a little more, more people will like them!

I hope you consider adopting these critters in the future!

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