New Start!

Posted on : 04/16/17 @ 5:21 pm
I am back, or better, I was never away. Sorry for not uploading much, or nothing in the last time. I did a lot in this time and finally I can show it to you all. You maybe notice that I have new pets that you can adopt now. A cute kitty with a bunnyhat and also the Pokémon Vivillon. Yes I do all the Vivillonpattern.
But that´s not all. The adoptable thread and also the request thread are in new dress! They look better as before now.

Please take a look:

Adoptable Thread

Request Thread

I want to upload again with this new pets and hope you like it. There are also a few already finish on my pc that wait for the upload, but that´s for later.
So, what do you think? Are the new one good? Any wish for the future?

And I also can hint what will come one day. I work on a new serie that is pink and hungy all the time. Also on a pet where I put a lot backbone into it.

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