Posted on : 12/22/16 @ 7:59 pm
A laugh escaped my lips as I jabbed my sharp pointy stick into another demon’s eye socket, causing it to scream in pain as thick, black blood squirted from the hole. It clutched its head as another wave of pain rushed through it. I wrapped my free hand around its neck and lifted it high in the air, before smashing its head into the sharp obsidian floor and ending its suffering. The dark volcanic glass cracked beneath me. I still had six more demons to fight off, and seeing the gruesome end of their buddy only seemed to fuel their fury.

They rushed me all at once, their tails whipping furiously behind them. Their needle-sharp teeth dripped with drool, anticipating the glorious taste of human flesh on their unsightly tongues. Their eyes were wild, crazed by the smell of spilled blood. I sank into a defensive stance, and the unstable state of the obsidian spiderwebbed outwards, creating an intricate lace beneath me. One wrong move, and it'd shatter.

The first demon attacked. I grabbed it's tail with my right hand and swung it around, knocking the other hellspawn away for a moment. Then, I let go, sending it flying into the wall as the rest of them surrounded me. I gripped my stick and counted them. One, two, three, four… where's the fifth? My question was answered soon after when I heard a shout from above. I looked up to see a clawed foot headed right towards my face. I quickly positioned my forearm to block it, but while I was distracted, the others took the opening and attacked. I stabbed my stick into a couple of them and punched a few others, always being careful of my feet. None of them really stayed down long enough for me to finish them off, so they just kept coming.

My stomach growled with hunger, but none of the demons around me had clean enough blood to be properly nutritious. I could feel myself getting weaker from lack of blood. One of the slashed into my arm, ripping me open and staining the cracked floor with red. The blood seeped into the small fissures, lacing the obsidian with a beautiful, deep crimson. I hungrily licked the wound, savoring the sweet coppery taste as strength flooded my body. I felt the room tremble as I fed, and braced myself. The floor gave out under me, and I hurtled into the unknown.

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