9 comments Posted on : 09/30/16 @ 1:20 pm
As the title says, I'd like to make a Ciel and Sebastian adoptable and create outfites for them.
Any suggestions for possible accessories or outfits?
There are SO MANY out there, it's really hard to decide which ones I shall pick. :"D

1 comments Posted on : 05/25/16 @ 7:05 am
I've already picked one of the requests ;-) and I'll try to finish it asap. I had various things to do this week, and also quite a few days with a migraine. Yay =_= ... So I'm totally behind with my scedule.
You'll fin out which request it is when I upload the adoptable. ;-)

(It's not you bragbrassed XD your Natsume will come... soon... I hope. I do love the series a lot. How can I resist?)

1 comments Posted on : 05/20/16 @ 7:38 am
Is anyone else watching this show right now? I'm so in love with the details and the cast. Kind of thinking about making an adoptable bunch including some of the guys. I wouldn't include the names of the spies, though. Those will have to be guessed or figured out by paying attention to small details of the egg stage. How does that sound?

On another note... Yay, I have 3 requests~ I'll stick your requests in a random number gen. and see what comes out of it! Bragbrassed, it would be so mean if the generator picked your number though ;-) you're already the number one customer here and you'll get 2 adopts at the beginning of June.

Hm, I'm also thinking about making original adopts.

Wow, that's a lot fo stuff all at once. -Sigh- I wish I had more time.

1 comments Posted on : 05/13/16 @ 7:07 am
So... things are really quiet around here! Bragbrassed got me back into drawing Squibies so some new Squibies may or may not be coming your way, haha. :"D I would be sad if this site died down because of lack of people and interest. Hopefully things will get more interesting with future updates (I'm so looking forward to the accessory option<3).

Thanks to everyone who greeted me with a warm message. I wish you all a good day. <3

1 comments Posted on : 09/13/15 @ 5:54 am
For spoilers please visit my new deviantart account (the link is directed to the spoiler folder): http://excalibris.deviantart.com/gallery/56051021/Squibies-Spoilers

I'm really just dropping by for a short while. I'm not really active anymore though I'm happy to hear that people like my adoptables even after all this time. I won't create new stuff since I'm not really motivated enough to do so. I've done plenty of adoptables and right now I'm simply not interested enough to continue doing this. Commissions are another matter, of course.

I don't give away passwords. (It seems like I need to state this again and again. For reasons please refer to my last blog post- Thank you.)

I don't create password protected squibies (does that thing still exist?)

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