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I think there will actually be some new Phernis soon, and maybe even a new species :D The reason I had quit making them is because of my iPad. I draw & color on an app called Adobe Ideas. I would then email the pdf file to myself, edit it a bit in Photoshop and then upload to Squiby.

Then the iPad decided not to let me send emails anymore. O_o

BUT...I just got a brand new iPad mini (for free omg), which I still need to test out sending emails but if all goes well, new adopts are coming :D

Would anyone be interested in downloading the line art so you can make your own Pherni adoptables? If so I'll upload it someplace and make it available.


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I'm not XD

So much stuff has been going on....not good stuff. I haven't had it in me to draw much or create new Phernis. I hope I can get back into the swing of things soon enough :3


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Sorry I haven't been around! Health issues and family stuff. I'll have some new adoptables soon!


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Someone adopted most of my limited adopts 80+ times and they're all out now. That is not fair, so I'm just going to unlimit them all so it doesn't happen again! =_=


EDIT: ehhh I seem to have run into a problem...trying to take the limit off but it won't save? O_o

EDIT: followed bragbrassed' advice, pretty sure they aren't gonna run out anytime this century lol

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