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Hi Everyone! (=^ o ^=)//

I was thinking about things on here. And figured it is TIME to unleash the pets that still HAVE passwords..that were PAID COMMISSIONS of MINE. I am praying that THIS lovely artist doesn't just arbitrarily come back to this site and DELETE these. Though I doubt she would delete something that was paid for lol! (Though I have had SEVERAL gifts to me deleted...I guess that is okay since I did not pay for them right...what is deleting a gift anyway...I did not DRAW it right? It was not MY art right?)

ANYWAY! X D I will post a pet a WEEK...so look forward to adopting them...and YES...you CAN SHARE the passwords of THESE...I just want to throw everyone one TREATS...after us all getting SIDE SWIPED by the DELETION SPREE. X D

HERE IS #1 by Umimizuno...CIEL and SEBASTIAN from Kuroshitsuji and it is silly LIGHT BL...but more of humorous than BL! X D LOL! X 3

Ciel x Sebastian (4 levels in all: egg/1st/2nd/3rd)
***AND if you collect LEVELS/STAGES like I DO...you will notice you have to collect this the LONG WAY...3rd adopt would be 1st pet and 4th would be second pet..and so on. Meaning go back and forth, so the couple is side by side...though in my opinion Ciel is more of JUST a Master to Sebby. AHEM! And the best way to collect stages is to know that Squiby has the pets in a bottom to up order. First pet on bottom and next on top and so on.)

Adopt LEFT 1st: http://squiby.net/create/65524
Adopt RIGHT 2nd: http://squiby.net/create/65525
password for both: UMhugs
(remove any spaces in front and back when copying)

1st STAGE:
2nd STAGE:
3rd STAGE:

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Here is the list of gifts/commissions/request etc. (THANKS TO Uke_Sora's EFFORTS these will NOT get deleted YAY!!!*

IceCream1: http://squiby.net/create/70631
IceCream2: http://squiby.net/create/70632
IceCream3: http://squiby.net/create/70633
IceCream4: http://squiby.net/create/70634
IceCream5: http://squiby.net/create/70635
IceCream6: http://squiby.net/create/70636
IceCream7: http://squiby.net/create/70637
2 Panel/side by side, Pets adopt LEFT to right, I am putting this in order of adopting of OC BunnyxPanda:
LEFT: http://squiby.net/create/71235
RIGHT: http://squiby.net/create/71236
OC - BunnyPanda v1.5 adopt twice and freeze left side at first evolve and have the second time adopted on the right side of it:
BB Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji): http://squiby.net/create/70338
BB Pluto (From Kuroshitsuji Anime): http://squiby.net/create/66246
ANE Yukio Okumura: http://squiby.net/create/70354
ANE Rin Okumura: http://squiby.net/create/70355
ANE Mephisto Pheles: http://squiby.net/create/70356
ANE Amaimon: http://squiby.net/create/70357
My precious friend (ONE of many lol!) Cookiecat has RE-RELEASED the 4 panel Kuroshitsuji PET! --> http://squiby.net/create/86395

AND ALL of my GIFTS that that sweetheart had made for me are now PUBLIC without PASSWORD TOO!!!

PANDA-KUN! --> http://squiby.net/create/81132

SUGAR! --> http://squiby.net/create/83919

HAPPY SNOWMAN GROUP of 4! --> http://squiby.net/create/84223
The SWEET ALPHANO88! X D --> http://squiby.net/user/Alphano88 aka Chocohotdog/Alphano88:
GRELL Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji ---> http://squiby.net/create/66224
Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist ---> http://squiby.net/create/66273
Yukio Okumura from Ao no Exorcist ---> http://squiby.net/create/66274
Kiku/Japan from Hetalia ---> http://squiby.net/create/66322
Pluto the Demon Dog guy from the anime Kuroshitsuji ---> http://squiby.net/create/66323
Sugar Luminaire which is my cute OC kitty guy/boy that Choco drew! ---> http://squiby.net/create/75897
Michi aka --> http://squiby.net/user/Michellekoilover had removed the passwords for me TOO!~ X D Here they ARE! -->
Soubi from Loveless: --> http://squiby.net/create/66718
Pluto from Kuroshitsuji anime: --> http://squiby.net/create/68300
Was a gift to me from another kind user and is available again!...my OC Panda-kun! --> http://squiby.net/create/80170
Chibisan59 has JOINED the RANKS of greatness in removing of passwords!!
(=* ^ *=)//
Valentine Sugar! - http://squiby.net/create/78451
Sugar Gift! - http://squiby.net/create/80681

THOUGH THESE are still FUN FILL IN BLANKS! (You can ask me if you can not figure it out!) : D -->
http://squiby.net/create/74891 - Sugar Halloween!
http://squiby.net/create/74932 - Twin Merman Fess Halloween! (adopt 1st)
http://squiby.net/create/74933 - Twin Merman Ness Halloween! (adopt 2nd)
http://squiby.net/create/75350 - Bunny x Panda Halloween! (adopt 1st)
http://squiby.net/create/75352 - Bunny x Panda Halloween! (adopt 2nd)
http://squiby.net/create/84067 - Sugar Santa Christmas!

Any others I will hopefully UPDATE later! <3333333

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I am an Aunt at the age of 46, (Now 47 in 2015 lol) and will not TREAT kids like kids...unless they WANT me to. I don't give a rats a$$ what your age is...you are nice...I will be nice...if you are immature and unreasonably rude out of left field....I shall IGNORE and block you. Very simple...I don't have to deal with rude people. This site is one of my precious havens of happiness. I shall endeavor to make it my peaceful place AGAIN.

(=* ^ *=)// I will do my BEST to answer your questions darlings!

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I am staying on Squiby.

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