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Well as far as the two front page banners go ohho! >; D

I am in need of artists to create Halloween and Autumn themed pets now!

We are still on track for the SURPRISE for every Squiby user....soon....very soon....unless there is another delay.....we shall have it all unveiled within a month. Unless there is some delay...we shall see! >; D *crosses fingers and my eyes while I am at it! X D lol!

Happy Autumn...and soon to be Happy Halloween!!!!

Love one of your ever collecting Admins...whom is in a SSPOOooky mooooood! >; D
bb : D

*Update: I FORGOT to mention the current Artist that designed both the logo and the Evolve Banner on front page, is none other than the User...our very OWN InkblotWolf!!! YAY YAY YAY! --> http://squiby.net/user/InkblotWolf

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Hi Everyone!!
(=* o *=)//

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that the LAST evolve level/stage of the LittlekIttyMomo Commission from me, will be shown in the order it goes, on my PROFILE!
(=* w *=)b
So you can see which order to adopt them IN!!! : D ; 3

*HUGS from your ever crazy adopting and commissioning Admin!*
bb : D

1 comments Posted on : 08/08/16 @ 12:58 pm
Hi Everyone!

It is August as we all KNOW! X D And that's usually when I start preparing for Halloween TIME! >: D

I will be coming UP with my own Halloween HUNT. (+* ^ *=)b Whether it will be a word game that I will make a new GROUP for that EVERYONE can join for either no points or 1 point! OR it could be something I am cooking up between a few artists! I will be going through Deviant Art for that. : D (Though more than likely it will be able to be done through Squiby soon!!! Hint and hinting ohhoooo!)
>; D

bb : D

3 comments Posted on : 07/26/16 @ 2:09 pm
Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your Summers...or whatever season it IS by you! : D

I have commissioned 3 of my awesome artist friends on here! : D The others are super busy...but surely when they open Squiby commissions, I will be THERE!
(=* ^ *=)b

This time they will all be OCs that I had adopted from some of the awesome artists that I am friends with! And hopefully will get some ALSO made by the OTHER awesome artists on here! : D Oohhooooo!
(=> w <=)// There will be TWENTY PETS in all with 3 levels/stages EACH!!!!


1. LittleKittyMomo!!! --> http://squiby.net/user/littlekittymomo

2. Naogui!!! --> http://squiby.net/user/Naogui

3. Soubii!!! --> http://squiby.net/user/Soubii

I would LOVE if any other artist out there would let me commission them to make Squibys! I would pay with Paypal! (Though I am okay with paying Deviantart aka DA, Points....until Squibys Point System gets changed to being more relevant lol!)
; D

HUGS from ONE of your crazy adopting Admins!
bb : 3 <333

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I think I must have not been too clear about the "0" blogs that have no purpose.

These types of posts will get flagged to be automatically deleted by the programmer. Blogs are not threads. There is no need to hold a space. Though if you follow my instructions below, it would be better. No one will get warnings, unless they persist to post these blogs with no reason.(Meaning: Multiple posts like this....I don't care to do Warnings anymore. I prefer friendly reminders.)

I said it once, and Announced it too. Please refrain from these posts that are not posts, and serve no purpose. If there is a reason, you have EDIT these blogs to keep them from being set up for deletion.

And btw...blogs are not pingable...YET...so you will have to answer me through PM or on my profile. Or even through this blog. If you forgot to Edit and update these "0" entries. : )

Thank you!
One of the Admins
bb : )

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