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I hope you all are having a fabulous Christmas time!!!!!

A few accounts were reset because of Gold Memberships that were glitched and not expiring.....which mine was ONE of them LOL!
X'''D And it also reset my account in general...sooo I had to buy Gold Membership again! Because I was like..."Oh grief....I have to wait till the Programmer that is on Christmas vacation, comes back to put my account back to being an Admin!" (The naughty pal forgot to CHECK to see if the REST did anything lol! He reset and ran like the GINGERBREAD MAN DAMMIT LOL!) The owner was funny in how they were telling me to be calm lol! X''D And I was like: Am I on Santa's NAUGHTY LIST because I snuck a cookie or two before the holiday??? (Didn't SAY this to them...but in my candid moment about it...thought it!)
>; D But dammit those cookies were fricken GOOooooD!!!
(=* ^ *=)b ANYWAY!....I guess I will be waiting for two or three more days till they get back! ; D SOooo...nostalgic time...being an Gold Member for a brief period of time!!
(=> w <=)b

ANYWHO!!! : D MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!! I hope you all have the BEST of TIMES!!!!!

One Of Your Admins stuck on her GOLDEN (tongue in cheek) HOLIDAY! **UPDATED!*** I am now UN-STUCK WOOT WOOT!!!* OHHOHOHOHOHOooo!! >; D

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Hello Everyone!

I was informed that images that were missing are restored...and same with posts/messages!! It is now safe to upload images again!! : D

AND CHRISTMAS SQUIBY CLUB MEMBERS ONLY CONTEST ended/closed for submissions on the 20th! The voting should have already begun! But I am extending it to January 2nd for closing the voting...since I did not open the poll till today otl! X'''D
Here is the Deviant Art Squiby Club journal to find the submissions to vote on, in! -->

I will make a poll to open up the voting now!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

One of The Admins
bb : D

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Hello Everyone! (=^ o ^=)//

I will try catching up on the Group I have, and also releasing yet another passworded gift or commission for everyone to adopt! But I will add that possibly tomorrow or Sunday! Since I have two Christmas trees that I will be putting up this year!

WAHOO on awesome CHRISTMAS SEASON!! (=* ^ *=)b I have already been getting the best GIFTS this year!!! I am quite blessed to have the best HUGE family on the planet! (In my mind lol...I am sure all of your families are just as FABULOUS!) : D

Anyway! : D I am looking forward to ALL of the ENTRIES into the contest on this site, to change the logo and banner! I updated the post with the size. (Though I think it might be just the banner size lol! X D I have to double check with the programmer!)
(= * W *=)b Don't forget to sign your hard work!
(=* ^ *=)b

Have an AWESOME rest of the long weekend!
(=^ o ^=)// *Throws confetti in the air!!!* : D

UPDATED: I forgot to ADD IN the great things for Squiby! X''D Well, it will be shared at a later DATE!
>; D It will be a SURPRISE till THEN!!!
; D

Your Main Admin
bb : )

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People can be too Punny!!! (Funny with Puns lol...Punny is so not a word lol!)

A certain male in my family had to be a wise acre to a German Butcher recently when getting some groceries for the week. He looked and saw the German Stollen ready for the Christmas season, on the counter. Looked up at the Guy and said this:

Pun-king: "So....I SEE that you are running a fencing operation here!"
GB: "Huh?? What do you mean??"
Pun-king: "Since I SEE that you are dealing in STOLLEN *STOLEN* GOODS!"...*Ends up POINTING at the STOLLEN on the counter!*
GB: *Cracks up very hard in laughing at such a silly pun!*

Just wanted to share that bit of silliness!
>; D

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YoungGee has re-released some adopts but most importantly he re-released that AWESOME RITSUKA AOYAGI!!!! I think he raised the LIMITS so HOPE you all can go GET THEM! THERE IS ALSO cute Qu!!! : D : D
\\(=* o *=)// *Floating on CLOUD NINE CURRENTLY OHHOoooo!*
(=> w <=)b


One of your Admins
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