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Hi Everyone! (=^ o ^=)//

As my posts have been alluding to....here is the one artist I will mention HERE!

LittleKittyMomo!!! --> http://squiby.net/user/littlekittymomo

I had found my sweet and adorable friend, (one of many lol!) ONCE again!
(=* ^ *=)b I searched for her and luckily found her again!

(BY THE WAY....she does not hand out passwords to her older works of art, since they were requested that way by the users that commissioned or requested them So, pretty please abide by her wishes and not ask for them. Just wanted to clarify for her. And she does not do requests or passworded pets anymore, as well. Thank you for reading this!) : D

Anyway! X D I had commissioned the 5 Free! Iwatobi, guys! I might commission for more characters...since I adore a few of the others, so much! X 3

*Reads her description on them...* OH MY GOSH THAT IS SOOO FRICKEN sweet OF HER!!!...FLAILS IN HAPPINESS!*

WELL HERE THE 5 boys ARE! -->
1. Rin Matsuoka -> http://squiby.net/create/93512
2. Makoto Tachibana -> http://squiby.net/create/93513
3. Nagisa Hazuki -> http://squiby.net/create/93514
4. Rei Ryugazaki -> http://squiby.net/create/93515
5. Haruka Nanase -> http://squiby.net/create/93516

ENJOY THESE CUTIES by the sweet littlekittymomo YAHOOoooo!!! I might have commissioned them BUT SHE is the ONE that did all of the HARD WORK LOL! *BLUSHES REDDER than the usual TOMATOooo OHHOooo! THANK YOU littlekittymomo!!! Your hard WORD is GREATLY APPRECIATED and I LOVE THE RESULTS sooo damn MUCH!!!
(=> w <=)//

Love one of your Admins ohhooo!
bb : D <333

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My sweet friend that is an artist (ONE of MANY!) will be visiting the site to BOMBARD ALL OF YOU with new AWESOME PETS to adopt! 5 in all with 3 levels/stages EACH!!! *DOES THE YES VICTORY DANCE!* LOL!
(=> W <=)b All cuties commissioned by meee to shall with YOU ALL!!!

I will either edit this post or make a new one when she uploads all of them lol! : D

One of the Admins!
bb : D

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HI EVERYONE!!! I decided to RELEASE one of my passworded gifts from a sweet friend of mine! --> Michixx aka Michellekoilover - Moon Ritsuka Loveless! It is for EVERYONE to adopt and enjoy!
(=* ^ *=)b (REMEMBER to adopt it in the order I say...or else it will not look right lol!)

Moon Ritsuka:


Adopt two times, freeze at LEFT SIDE at 50 (not sure of the Right sides evolve level/stage, number

Password: moonlove
(Remove and space in front or back when copying and pasting.)

HERE is what it should look like: -->

ENJOY!!!!! (=> o <=)b HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! : D
One of the Admins
bb : )

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Hello Everyone! (=> w <=)//

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Happy Easter Day! Whether you observe or not, the holiday lol! : D

BUNNY HUGS from one of your Admins!!! : 3
bb : D

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Hi Everyone!

I know I have barely been on here theses past two weeks...and I will probably not be on much during these next two weeks too. X D I am dealing with two Spring Breaks back to back right now otl!
X''D ANYWAY! There are a few updates! I am sure everyone has noticed the front page is starting to change. It has even further changes COMING in the next few weeks...well...as soon as I get a part or two of mine done. (only clue!) ; D

Till then...or tomorrow
One of your Admins
bb : )

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