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Hi Everyone! (=^ o ^=)//

What features should be added to make Role Playing on here better and more fun?
(Maybe do some Mock Ups of what you think the section dedicated to it should look like and function?)
Idea 1: Like...do you want a spot to upload character (And disclaimer if art is not your own...though be careful...I don't want artists getting mad if you don't have permission to role play with their art. )
; )
Idea 2: Section to ping certain users.
Idea 3: A section that has the character information and images constantly on the page. No scrolling back to look over things. (Since people role-play with multiple characters.
Idea 4: Maybe have a highlight option to show which characters currently being used in the role-play being discussed?
Idea 5: A leveling up of character portion? Where you earn awards and special art drawn by artists chosen by possibly myself or another Admin? (Meaning I could get your character drawn for you by an artist doing commissions? It would be my pleasure to do that for Prizes!) : D

And same with Blogs! What Features would you want added to make it more fun to deal with?
Idea 1: Ability to use links without code to portions on the site. Though you will still need to copy address of section or page you want to bring users to, from your blog.
Idea 2: A section to ping the users you want to visit the blog right away. (though I will have this taken care of with watchers that watch you getting alerts of new blog.) But it is an option I am thinking of.

There are more ideas....but see what you think about these right now. X D

*Hugs from your crazy collecting Admin!*
bb : D

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Hi Everyone!
I apologize for being so LATE! But LIFE was happening...and then I was forgetting to RESTART this lol! X'''D
ANYWAY! NEW ROUND!!!! 6/19/2016 USA

I SPY with my wandering EYE...in category --> Hoodie

I SPY something RED and FURRY!!!

This round will END by NEXT SUNDAY (26th) and winners will be known by MONDAY (27th)

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Hi Everyone! (=^ o ^=)//

I have been Commissioning quite a few cuties to SHARE with ALL of youuuu!!! : 3 (Between my favorite Animes/Mangas...and my own OC's adopted on Deviant Art!)

And I was wondering......which to do next? (I am still having my OC's getting done too.)

But here is what I am thinking:

1) A few from the Samezuka Team from Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
a)Sosuke Yamazaki b)Aiichiro Nitori c)Momotaro Mikoshiba d) AND BIG BROTHER! --> Seijuro Mikoshiba
(WE can NOT forget from Iwatobi side!) --> e)Gou Matsuoka

2) Gintama! Just a few though...but I can be persuaded ohho!
a)Gintoki Sakata b)Toshiro Hijikata c)Sougo Okita d)Isao Kondo e)Kotaro Katsura f)Shinsuke Takasugi g)Kamui h)Kagura h) Elizabeth i)Shinpachi Shimura

3) Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji - Other characters that I have thought of doing. But if there i a chance to get more of Ciel, Sebastian, Grell, Snake and Pluto...I will! X D
But the other characters: a)Lau b)Soma Asman Kadar c)Agni d)Elizabeth Midford and a few others!

What do you think? : D

One of the Admins
bb : D

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Hi Everyone! (=* w *= )// (Copying from My Deviant Art Journal)

I am so behind on things...but.....I would love it if someone would make me Squibyies or is it Squibys?!? LOL!

I would be willing to paying $10.00 USD through Paypal if you have a Paypal account. : ) OR I can pay 1000 DA aka Deviant Art, Points. (Squiby's system of Points is not set up well YET for Points to be needed lol. But that will change in a few months!)

I would like:

1) 3 levels/stages
2) Unlimited
3) Not Password protected
4) Public for Everyone to adopt

THIS will be PER creation/Adopt. : D Meaning you make 3 pets/creations, you get $30.00 or 3000 DA Points!

NOTE: IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST that I usually go through and commission to do artwork. Note me and we shall talk about price. : D You know I am happy to discus it ohhoooo! X D

WHAT I am looking for!

Characters from Natsume Yuujinchou
1. Nyanko Sensei and alternate Madara
2. Natsume Takashi
3. Fox Spirit Boy
4. Tama the dragon when he took human form in beginning lol (Yes I still adore him after all these years!)

And I have some OCs that I would love you to have fun with lol! I also have Memes that I sooo badly drew lololololol! And they can be created into some fun and funny creations by you!!

Right now I will OPEN UNLIMITED SLOTS! (I truthfully could go for about 40 to 50 of these lol! I am that addicted to collecting all of the fabulous art that is made into a Squiby!!!!!

So will anyone want to create for me? Send me a Note/Mail on here or on DA.
My DA --> http://bakatheidiot.deviantart.com/

Hug from one of your Admins! : 3
bb : D

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Hi Again! X D

**Update! 2nd Announcement Made! YAY!! : D

**UPDATE: I will try to make the second promised announcement by the weekend. I am so busy right now otl!* X''D

I will make my second Announcement..maybe today or tomorrow! : D

I will be TEASING YOU GUYS/GALS with NEW stuff coming your way.....lets just say...Squiby will be CRAZY IMPROVED in the next months!!! >: D I can't share ALL information....just that the site will be AMAZING!!! SOON!!!
(=* w *=)b

One of your admins!
bb : D

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