0 comments Posted on : 05/17/17 @ 3:47 am
I apologize for any inconvenience. For the adoptable as my profile avatar, the password was "vacpackme"

1 comments Posted on : 02/01/17 @ 10:13 pm
Slimes are again password protected. (So indecisive! xD)
New hidden slime, the Lucky Slime!
Next on the list is the Hunter Slime.
I may or may not create the Crystal Slime.
Will probably make some other adopt sooner or later. (w/ more quality work put into it! >:3)
The Coonie adopt was deleted...
Thx so much for the support! It rilly encourages me! <3

2 comments Posted on : 12/10/16 @ 4:07 pm
No one seems to be adopting my slimes so I've decided to make the adoptions public! Enjoy! ^^

0 comments Posted on : 12/08/16 @ 9:38 pm
Check out a short story made by @FearTheFuzzyBear with only three words I've suggested! Betrayal, cursed, freedom.

What great writing! (Yeah, I mainly posted the link here so I can always refer back to it. Not my fault though! D:) You got to check out her other stories! Not to mention the Medusa and particularly Cursed! I mean, even I can't write like that! Such cliffhangers. ;-;

You could also offer three words they can make a story with. Only one per week though I heard. But I guarantee it'll be of good quality. ;)

2 comments Posted on : 12/08/16 @ 9:11 pm
Rare and wanted, it flees once sighted! A slime like no other, it is very well known. Want it? Well, you gotta find it!

In other words: New slime! But it's a hidden adopt. You have to try find it. Also, since it's hidden, it can't be password protected. Lucky you! :P

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