1 comments Posted on : 02/23/17 @ 2:16 am
I'm really sorry for being away for so long, but I'm back now. I'm really sorry if this caused any inconveniences to people! I'll try to catch up and continue posting adoptables again!

1 comments Posted on : 02/01/17 @ 4:09 pm

Just a heads-up, I will not be creating any more regular insect adoptables until March! The Pokémon series will continue though.


0 comments Posted on : 01/16/17 @ 11:43 pm
Hello Squiby users!

You might know me from all of those insect adoptables I make. And if you've been paying good attention, you'd know I make them every two days. Well, now to fill in that gap, I'm going to be starting a Bug-type Pokémon adoptables series!

The schedule will be like this:

Day one (2 insect adoptables) --> Day two (One Pokémon adoptable) --> Day three (2 insect adoptables) --> Day four (One Pokémon adoptable)... and so forth!

It will go in Pokédex order, so Caterpie first, then Weedle, and onwards, all the way to Gosilopod!

I think Pokémon are pretty cool, and Bug-types are my favourite, and are really underrated! I think if I get the love of them out there a little more, more people will like them!

I hope you consider adopting these critters in the future!

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