0 comments Posted on : 12/09/16 @ 7:47 am
The title says it all.

0 comments Posted on : 11/25/16 @ 3:55 pm
Some bad news...
As since my parents take away my PC to decorate a christmas tree,they took today.
I feel very bad now.
So i'll now only adopt, talk, and i can create pets, but it's very few as since there's another PC here, but many people use it.
So i'll come back to normal when christmas is over.

(If some portuguese words appears on my texts, that's my tablet ><)

0 comments Posted on : 11/23/16 @ 5:29 pm
Hi,you can call me Luci,or if you want,call as my Squiby username or MLPP.
I'm a female,with she/her and they/them pronoums.
I joined Squiby on 2014.
I like MLP,Steven Universe,Ninjago,Undertale,Wadanohara,The Gray Garden,galaxy things,cute things,food,potatoes and also robots (they're cool).
I'm friendly,but if you borther me,i'll borther you.
I have a lot of fan characters.
I'm a contribuitor of OCtale AU.
I'm brazilian,it's cool!

And i also have a younger sister here. She didn't show any activity,she even forgot that she haves an Squiby account.
Her account is AuthenticaGames.


0 comments Posted on : 11/22/16 @ 2:45 pm
An artist that i love actually plays squiby...her account is even older than mine :v
But she didn't created pets yet.

(btw her account is 7 years old,maybe more,and mine is just 2 years old :v )

0 comments Posted on : 05/26/16 @ 2:27 pm
I've come back to Squiby,and now i see that the site changed it's design and homepage images.

Now i have a question:
How much i've sleeped?

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