1 comments Posted on : 06/12/14 @ 8:54 pm
Im thinking about starting a pokemon series... Would be anybody interested on it? If so, wich pokemon would you like to see?

1 comments Posted on : 06/06/14 @ 9:48 am
Hello everyone! Im making this blog so everyone can see im actually back on squiby, and im loving what im seeing lol

My dear friend @bragbrassed asked me to make the adoptables specialle done for here public, so yeah, you can all adopt them now!!!

And in my personal case, i have also made most of my adoptables public, or limited free, so take a look, and give them some love!!!!

A couple of them =

- - - - There are plenty more on my profile! So go take a look <3

If you are interested in a particular adoptable, you can go to my deviantart, i make them for points, you can also make a request here, but i decide if i take it or not ;)

Edit: Actually forgot to add my deviantart lol Thank Huney xD

0 comments Posted on : 06/04/13 @ 4:37 pm
Is there someone reading this? jajajajajaj
I updated the limited adoptables i had, they are mostly free-to-adopt now :)

0 comments Posted on : 05/12/13 @ 3:20 pm
So, Squiby is back!! *-*
and im back with it XD! LOL
Just trying to see how this blog thing works.
I have made a lot of my limited-unlisted adoptables public, in case there is someone interested <3

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