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Look out for these new upcoming adoptables this month and next month that i'm creating to test a new coloring method!

Cherry Blossom Dragon
-Panda Fanatic
-Dazed Flower Girl
-Autumn Leaf Dragon Snow Flake Dragon

*The dragons might be late in creation because i'm just now learning how to do animal pixels.
Like the new button thing up there? :D Just another part of my graphics designing.

3 comments Posted on : 03/24/16 @ 6:12 pm
Dear Friends, Fans, and Fellow Squibians.
I am going to delete all my adoptions soon and start fresh because I have updated and recreated my art style. (And, might be using a new base.)
Instead of pixel, they will all be digital now. (I kinda lost my pixel art touch, but who knows, I might bring pixel-y life into my adoptables here and then.)
I find my current uploads kind of cringeworthy. xux;;

So, if you're wondering why the adoptables you adopted from me aren't showing up anymore, it's because I deleted the creation and therefore you can delete your blank Squibies to free up some space in your inventory. I will be keeping up the Momobako Kuma, and revamping some of the uploaded characters in my panel.

3 comments Posted on : 03/29/15 @ 2:56 pm
How Kuro's Mystery Box works!


>Go to "My Adoptions" and Click "Level" on the Mystery box.

> Hold down or press F5 and release the key whenever you want. (For Mac Users press Command + R) (For Mobile Users, Repeatedly tap "Refresh" button.)

>See what Squiby you ended up with! (Levels 150~1000)

>Freeze Adoptable so it will not change as much as your level it up!

>You are free to change the name.

8 comments Posted on : 02/14/15 @ 4:29 am
Dear Squiby,
Today I met that old man with school girl...Problem.

This could be my waifu for life.
The End!

2 comments Posted on : 02/06/15 @ 8:29 pm
I made a deviantart. :l Even though I said I wasn't going to get one until I have another art tablet. Feeling like a noob for once in a long time, nah, I know how to use Deviantart. xD
I used to be on there for years and forgot accounts.
I won't leave this one rolling in the dust.

There's nothing on it, but expect stuff to be on it past 12AM.

As of now(9/26/15), i am moving dA accounts. I'll post it soon, so stay tuned. <3

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