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Christmas is comming and here are all the adoptables you can adopt from me around this time of the year!

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It´s Halloween!
All my little adoptables that you can get over this time of the year.

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For all the Undertale fans that are around. I have a little void for you.

OW O hehehe.... you can´t click it, right? what a bad person I am, or not?
But don´t fear my sweethearts. You can find it, if you are good enough and smart enough. It is tagged with a word, or a letter, or a number. Who know~
Try it and good luck.
(And please, when you find it, don´t give the answer away. That ruin the fun.)

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If you want to know what egg evolve into what adobtable? Then take a look at my Spoiler-Deviant-ACC.for Spoiler

To know what is new and which adobtable is avialable, you can look into the Adoptable Thread.

And for all the user that want a special owl, or own adobalte. Ask me here!Request Thread

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I am Jureko and live in germany. I draw my adoptable with pencil and paper, scan it, outline the little ones with SAI and then color it in photoshop. If you have any question, or problems with my adopts, tell me! I do my best to answer all of them.

I have a Deviant ACC too if you want to contact me there: Deviantart

And I take request! Don´t by shy to ask me >u<

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