0 comments Posted on : 12/24/16 @ 12:31 pm
Alright, I made my last adoptable of the year. Just in time for Christmas! Well, if you do celebrate Christmas.

What's this? Three stages instead of the usual two? That's right! I wanted to make it interesting by making each stage one part of the - uh, "Mysterious Snowball" :3

4 comments Posted on : 12/21/16 @ 6:01 pm
Alrighty, so I'm gonna just make one/a couple of adoptables tomorrow morning while my dad is asleep! So, some things I might make that you should look out for:

• Hot Cocoa Cat
• Cookie (Not Steven universe, something like chocochip or sprinkles) Cat
• Christmas/Holiday Penguin
• A dog of some breed, maybe?
• Chibi People (I struggle in drawing humans, so don't bring your hopes up on that one)
• Wisp/Spirit

Any ones that you all really want?

0 comments Posted on : 12/21/16 @ 4:15 pm
Hiya! Okay, so, long story short; my laptop that I share with my mom is crapping out, and my dad wants to try and fix it. I'm not gonna start anything right now, just in case he decides to start fixing it yet all of the sudden, and something goes wrong and I lose all the work. So, I'm gonna be on here through my iPad for a while, unable to make anything. Until I get to be on my laptop again, I guess I can just chat and click xD I'll also take some adoptable requests for when I'm able to use Gimp again!

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