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Yeah, Snoodle is a silly name, that was the point /)^3^(\

The first Snoodles are the Primary colours, adopt them here!

So, I wanted to make my own little unique thing, and I decided to add rarities to my creatures! It's not a super huge change, it just alters the amount that will be available and changes the leveling up numbers. The chart above explains it all!

I hope you all have a great day! Oh, wait...Does anybody have some suggestions on Snoodles? Like colours, patterns, themes, etc...Feel free to comment them below. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the new species!

1 comments Posted on : 01/03/17 @ 11:31 am
So, I'm just gonna hope my dad forgot xD I can make adoptables again! Yay! So, as my first adoptable of the year, I made something. It's a...Horse/Deer/Goat/Erymanthian Boar/Chirin Ram/Lion/Llama thing. I won't give you any spoilers, so you'll have to adopt it to find out what it looks like ;P Happy New Year!

0 comments Posted on : 12/24/16 @ 12:31 pm
Alright, I made my last adoptable of the year. Just in time for Christmas! Well, if you do celebrate Christmas.

What's this? Three stages instead of the usual two? That's right! I wanted to make it interesting by making each stage one part of the - uh, "Mysterious Snowball" :3

4 comments Posted on : 12/21/16 @ 6:01 pm
Alrighty, so I'm gonna just make one/a couple of adoptables tomorrow morning while my dad is asleep! So, some things I might make that you should look out for:

• Hot Cocoa Cat
• Cookie (Not Steven universe, something like chocochip or sprinkles) Cat
• Christmas/Holiday Penguin
• A dog of some breed, maybe?
• Chibi People (I struggle in drawing humans, so don't bring your hopes up on that one)
• Wisp/Spirit

Any ones that you all really want?

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