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A laugh escaped my lips as I jabbed my sharp pointy stick into another demon’s eye socket, causing it to scream in pain as thick, black blood squirted from the hole. It clutched its head as another wave of pain rushed through it. I wrapped my free hand around its neck and lifted it high in the air, before smashing its head into the sharp obsidian floor and ending its suffering. The dark volcanic glass cracked beneath me. I still had six more demons to fight off, and seeing the gruesome end of their buddy only seemed to fuel their fury.

They rushed me all at once, their tails whipping furiously behind them. Their needle-sharp teeth dripped with drool, anticipating the glorious taste of human flesh on their unsightly tongues. Their eyes were wild, crazed by the smell of spilled blood. I sank into a defensive stance, and the unstable state of the obsidian spiderwebbed outwards, creating an intricate lace beneath me. One wrong move, and it'd shatter.

The first demon attacked. I grabbed it's tail with my right hand and swung it around, knocking the other hellspawn away for a moment. Then, I let go, sending it flying into the wall as the rest of them surrounded me. I gripped my stick and counted them. One, two, three, four… where's the fifth? My question was answered soon after when I heard a shout from above. I looked up to see a clawed foot headed right towards my face. I quickly positioned my forearm to block it, but while I was distracted, the others took the opening and attacked. I stabbed my stick into a couple of them and punched a few others, always being careful of my feet. None of them really stayed down long enough for me to finish them off, so they just kept coming.

My stomach growled with hunger, but none of the demons around me had clean enough blood to be properly nutritious. I could feel myself getting weaker from lack of blood. One of the slashed into my arm, ripping me open and staining the cracked floor with red. The blood seeped into the small fissures, lacing the obsidian with a beautiful, deep crimson. I hungrily licked the wound, savoring the sweet coppery taste as strength flooded my body. I felt the room tremble as I fed, and braced myself. The floor gave out under me, and I hurtled into the unknown.

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The cryogenic room hissed as the interior decompressed, releasing massive amounts of vapor from the subzero apartment. A sharply dressed man stepped in front of the entrance to the pod, casting his dark shadow on the huge misshapen mass of ice. There was a rumble, a shudder in the facility, a flicker in the lights.

A crack in the ice.

The man allowed the corners of his mouth to angle upwards a bit as chunks of ice shifted around and fell, and the rumble became a low roar. The ice exploded outwards, showering the man in shards of ice and snow. When the mist cleared, the man was full-on grinning, almost maniacally. Beyond him, the silhouette of a monster breathed, a dark growl with each exhale. It shook off the eons of dust and caked on snow, revealing ghostly white scales beneath, sparkling and sheer despite the millennia of age.

It stepped forward and opened its maw, revealing thousands of needle-sharp teeth. Two elegant wings unfolded from its back, feathered and in dire need of preening. A warm glow built up in its throat, and a sound like an engine filled the room.

“Get down!” someone shouted, but the man did not listen. Instead, he watched wide-eyed as the creature lifted its head and blasted an emerald green blaze into the fireproof ceiling. As the last dragon ceased it's fire and released a primal roar, the man in the doorway grinned darkly as he slammed the door behind him.

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Artech's prompt: Betrayal, cursed, freedom.
I was running, running from my past, running from the demons, and running from the oncoming void. It sucked everything in, devoured it, swallowed it whole. I should have known it would catch up to me. I could never escape, no matter how fast I ran or how well I hid. I would always be it's target, it was fated to be so. I sensed it getting closers, so I pushed myself to godspeed. Mercury’s sandals burst into existence at my feet, granting me a few precious seconds of freedom from the monster behind me.

A hand broke through the nothingness in front of me, riding on a beautiful arch of color. “Byron,” I breathed.

His hand gestured frantically, and I grabbed on. He pulled me through the rainbow, away from the darkness behind me. When I came through, I was in a lush apartment room. There was a soft red carpet beneath my calloused bare feet, ornately carved chairs at the table, and a fire burning cheerfully in the fireplace.

I gazed in awe at the splendor before me, and turned around to thank Byron; only to find that he’d vanished. In the place where he should have been was a tall, well-built man. I took a step back and fell unintentionally. A Titan. And not just any Titan, this was Perses, the Titan of destruction. Betrayal stabbed me in the heart like a knife. I hastily got to my feet and summoned my caduceus, readying the spell I’d been taught beneath Olympus.

Perses laughed, a deep and rich sound that echoed in my ears. “Better not use that yet, Amy dear,” he chided me, “for the games have only just begun!”

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Lilybloom's prompt: delight, curse, brooch.



The perfect gift.

The brooch of Xia. A legendary pin that allowed the wearer to understand the speech of animals. Marie would surely love it. It shone in the light of the sun, filtering through a clear crystal overhead. I laughed, the sound bouncing around the various chambers of the cavern. This'll be a snap! I thought to myself, I'll be in and out in no time!

I'd go back in time and beat myself if I could, just for thinking that awful thought. But seeing as I can't, I suppose I'll just have to fantasize about it now.

Anyways, the following events were entirely my fault. I'd been so cocky...

I hopped from stone to stone across the raging river, not noticing the slight indent in the one across from the third to the right. As a result, I was totally surprised when the trap sprung. My feet were whisked out from under me, and I fell into the raging river.

I floundered my way up to the surface, coughing and spitting, my long brown hair clinging to my face. I felt the rocky bottom of the rocky rapids beneath my legs, and nearly smacked myself. I stood. The water rushed around my legs. I strode confidently toward the pedestal, and snatched the stupid pin off.

I grinned smugly to myself as Marie squealed with delight. I'd gone to great pains to get that thing, and now, she'd better love it.

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I awoke overlooking the churning ocean, crashing against the jagged rocks below. The sheer cliff face offered no shelter from the salty sea spray, which
soaked my face and dripped from my hair. My bare feet curled and scooped up sand, worn away from the rock by long years of tourist feet scuffing the stone.. I kicked up and
released at the same time, watching the tiny grains fall to the merciless waves. I clutched my doll, which had somehow made it out here with me. I
stared into its cold glass eyes. I'd always found a beautiful charm in them... the color, the sheen, the hypnotizing way it would stare deep into your soul
and dredge up your darkest secrets...

I shook my head. Where had that part come from? I looked down at the briny water with worry. I'd hoped I wouldn't have to do this, but
it was just too dangerous. This was the sixth time this week that I'd woken at the edge of this cliff. My sister had died holding this doll. She'd walked right
off of a cliff. This cliff. The doll was cursed, by who or what, I didn't know. All I knew was that it had to go. I took one last longing look. Its eyes had
gone wet with seawater, which now ran down its cheek in an eerily tearlike fashion.

I took a step closer to the cliff. I closed my eyes. I held the doll over the lethal rocks jutting out of the ground.

It dropped like a stone.

All of a sudden, I felt an overwhelming desire to follow the porcelain figure. I fought against it, but it was too late. I was too close to the cliff. I stumbled.
I fell.
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