0 comments Posted on : 03/19/17 @ 2:01 pm
Hey! I'm back on Squiby ;u;

If you want to see my art and games and stuff, you can go to my Scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/crafty190

I'm more active on there b(^D^)

0 comments Posted on : 11/04/16 @ 9:56 pm
YAYO! I'm artist of the month this month! :3
Planning to make some AWESOME pets soon! :DD
and yeah I dunno what to say. ;o;
Thank you!!

1 comments Posted on : 10/23/16 @ 1:25 am
Glad to see everyone again! I've also done some more art on Scratch and published them as adopts here on Squiby! =^w^=

0 comments Posted on : 10/03/16 @ 1:34 am
I un-fanned myself because I kinda got noticed around here. I was actually my first fan xD


0 comments Posted on : 10/02/16 @ 11:45 am
October just came around the corner and I'm glad to announce that I have some Halloween pets available to adopt! Don't take too long, though! The Halloween pets won't be available after Halloween, so get em' quick! ;)

Candy Corn Kitten:

Witch Kitty:

They all evolve at level 50, so get clicking! :3

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