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Well, although the normal variant is limited, there's no limited tag on the egg artwork, so it doesn't count as a limited. The main reason why I made the normal variant limited is because it was made to celebrate my comeback on this site. Please read this before making a comment. Thank you!

Now for the shadowed images of our first limited skygges!

Yeah, I forgot to remove the text from the other secret skygge's artwork.

I won't tell you what the limited variants are called yet, but there will only be 50 of these guys available. Just like other skygges, with the exception of the Ruby and Sapphire variants, they evolve at level 70 and again at 101.


Sun and Moon skygges confirmed. Will be available for adoption today.


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I've been gone for over 2 years now. I've officially returned from my slumber on this site. I can't play games on this computer, sadly.


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Yes, I'm back!

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I won't be online on Squiby that much. I will ignore all notifications. Thank you.


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