0 comments Posted on : 04/02/17 @ 7:19 pm
I'm legit bringing this adopt back. I'm not kidding lol. This isn't a joke. I made this way way back in 2015.

This is the new version

Annnnnnd this is the old one

He will be available today. Two stages and limited just like the old one.

Edit: He was delayed, but he's available now.

0 comments Posted on : 04/02/17 @ 5:56 pm
I might quit this website for a month or two. I'm not actually quitting Squiby, I'm just not as active as before. Anyway, you can check out my DeviantArt here.

0 comments Posted on : 03/13/17 @ 8:17 pm
Click here for a sneak peek!

0 comments Posted on : 03/09/17 @ 2:52 pm
Do you hear that voice?

Tao will be available as a limited adopt today!

There'll be 300 of him, so he's not as rare as the Sun and Moon Skygges.

0 comments Posted on : 02/18/17 @ 3:00 pm
Please note that as of the debut of the Strange Doll (Which is a Skygge variant), I will no longer use Piskel to do the stages for future Skygges. In addition, older skygges will have their stages up to date with the art done from FireAlpaca.


Skygge, Art Done, not uploaded yet

Lapis Skygge, Art Done, Not uploaded yet

Ruby Skygge, Art Done, Not uploaded yet

Emerald Skygge, Art Done, Not uploaded yet

Sapphire Skygge, Art Unfinished

Sun Skygge (Limited), Not Ready

Moon Skygge (Limited), Not Ready

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