BlackReach Dragon

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     A dragon from the area in Skyrim called BlackReach. The bright cyan stripes on the eggs glow. They are usually found in water near crimson nirnroot. When the hatch they eat the crimson nirnroot they were hatched next to. The crimson nirnroot does not harm them because their species has evolved specifically to eat it.

     Their wings, eyes, horns, underbelly, neck, and tail scales, claws, teeth, blood, bones, and their insides glow. They are bioluminescent to survive in BlackReach. Their normal scales are dark blue, and can only be dark blue. Their bones are magenta/hot pink, those who have researched BlackReach Dragons believe it is because of eating crimson nirnroot.

     They can breathe underwater. They are weak in direct sunlight. They can survive in pretty much any temerature due to the varying temperatures in BlackReach. Their scales are very tough, and can withstand hard blows and sharp objects hitting them, this is because they have had to live through the falmer and wisps attacking them, rocks falling on them, and dwarven structures falling apart on top of them. Female BlackReach Dragons are stronger than the males because they have to guard the egss and go hunting. When they go hunting, the males guard the eggs.

     The wing of stage two got a bit messed up, oops.