Winged Leopard

Created by   catbusy38    06-30-2018 02:23 AM

Adopted: 7

This angelic leopard loves to help others, and is very loyal and trusting to its caretaker. Its favorite foods are papayas, mangos, and French bread. It earns its wings at level 2, and its halo at level 3. 


It's probably been like 5 years since I last made an adoptable, and today this site randomly came into my mind. It's sad to see that it was dead, because when I left, there was a huge dispute between the site owners and the content creators over copyright issues, and all of the most popular users left. Anyway, I really hope Squiby comes back into relevance one day, because its concept was really cool, and I have lots of good memories of interacting with people on here. I wish whoever owns the site now good luck.