Daydream Amphidrea

Created by   sunnyfaerie    01-24-2018 08:17 AM

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These creatures start out as a litte damp egg, already glowing with their colors and squirming inside the rubbery shell. The eggs normally appear out of nowhere, found on nightstands and under pillows, left overnight by mystery-shrouded parents that had lurked in the shroud of unconsciousness before.

Amphidreas are weasel-sized, salamander-like critters with an almost gummy-like appearance, almost always painted in soft, pastel colors. They feed off of sleep and dreams they detect with their colorful spots and paler features, and will often either hop from house to house each night to satisfy themselves or dedicate their hunger to one particular(ly tasty) owner. They are childish and energetic, but will grow tired and grumpy quickly without any food, and are normally in their best mood in the morning and grow progressively worse until night, when they can eat again. Naps are wonderful midday snacks for them, so take a break and relax!

The Daydream Amphidrea is also sometimes called the Sunny Amphidrea or the Littlejoy Amphidrea, or simply the Yellow Amphidrea for its bright, sunny color. Unlike the majority of their kind, they choose to feed primarily during the day, drawing energy from daydreams (as their primary name suggests) and midday naps. They also tend to be a bit more laid-back and calmly cheerful than other types of Amphidrea, these bright critters often spending their time hopping from person to person and taking naps in between, as the naps and daydreams they get their nutrition from don't last very long, also sleeping throughout the entire night rather than absorbing dreams. These traits would make them great pets, but they rarely ever settle down with one person, and often desert their owners after a day or two, making their ownership quite unreliable. They will occasionally, however, stick with one companion longer than the rest.