Jacobin Moth

Created by   themageofmist    01-23-2018 09:56 PM

Adopted: 7

My first adopt that I have made, based on a race which I created of tiny, fluffy moth people. smiley They are based on a mix of silk moth and sheep and are named after a breed of pigeon which have a similar 'hood' around the head.

Many other races see them as adorable or/and very beautiful, with their unique appearance and that their heads are almost completely hidden behind their ‘hood’ fur, giving them an elegant yet shy appearance. The thick fur that covers their bodies have been compared to silk and the overall result is a soft, fluffy appearance.

Their helplessness, tiny, chubby forms and large eyes also work to garner the affection of other races they come across, having almost infantile traits. Whether this was intentional or a lucky accident is uncertain. Also due to having lived many generations with hardly any danger, they are well known for their calm and friendly natures, they also tend to be highly social.