Iridescent Amphidrea

Created by   sunnyfaerie    01-20-2018 12:45 PM

Adopted: 12

These creatures start out as a litte damp egg, already glowing with their colors and squirming inside the rubbery shell. The eggs normally appear out of nowhere, found on nightstands and under pillows, left overnight by mystery-shrouded parents that had lurked in the shroud of unconsciousness before.

Amphidreas are weasel-sized, salamander-like critters with an almost gummy-like appearance, almost always painted in soft, pastel colors. They feed off of sleep and dreams they detect with their colorful spots and paler features, and will often either hop from house to house each night to satisfy themselves or dedicate their hunger to one particular(ly tasty) owner. They are childish and energetic, but will grow tired and grumpy quickly without any food, and are normally in their best mood in the morning and grow progressively worse until night, when they can eat again. Naps are wonderful midday snacks for them, so take a break and relax!

The Iridescent Amphidrea is amongst the rarer breeds, and is much harder to care for than others, becoming quite a problem if it happens to like and stick with someone who isn't prepared to care for it. This shiny creature has an insatiable appetite and is rather hyperactive, whether with excitement, anger, or dissatisfaction, and can become a massive handful to care for. Its hunger is exceedingly difficult to satisfy without a whole household or family's worth of dreams and slumber to feed off of, so it isn't recommended for single owners- most adoptions or attempts to lure one in are conducted by daring families who think they're up for a challenge. They aren't picky with their diet, though, and absolutely love extreme dreams such as nightmares and lucid dreams, some even learning to hyponitize or teach humans to induce both if starved enough. A few are even specifically tamed to hypnotize the sleep-deprived to help with their issues.