Rosepeach Dracanine

Created by   sunnyfaerie    01-20-2018 03:31 AM

Adopted: 12

With the shake of a pearl-adorned rattle crafted by the little hands of the fae themselves, this friendly creature can be called, and will appear once it arrives from its journey through the mythical forests it inhabits. 

This fox-sized critter is quiet but very playful, having been created to be a companion to the mischief and magic of a faerie, and it loves to burrow amongst nature and toy around with any object of curiosity. Be wary; though it makes for a fun pet, you'll often find your possessions missing or transmuted into the colorful pearls it adores, and its singsong whistling, albeit rare to hear, can be quite hypnotizing.

The Rosepeach Dracanine doesn't need to eat, but it loves teas, sweets, and fruits of any kind. It may also occasionally consume minerals or gemstones for extra energy. The dragonlike animal can also often be found tending to plants or growing its own through sorcery, or combing and decorating its verdant mane of bushes and leaves. What it loves most, though, is any sort of entertainment or adventure, and it relies on its new companion, you, for that. Take care!