Mixi - Grey

Created by   solivagant    08-19-2017 05:13 AM

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An update of my very first adoptable!

Mixi's are feline creature's that live in colonies of around 20-50 cats. They're natural home is far north, leading them to having thick fur. When the winter arrives they use their mane and thick tails to wrap around themselves and their young to keep warm. Though their mane somewhat resembles a lion, they are more average sized to the common house cat.

Stage 1: An egg with multiple stripes. About as big as the average human fist. They need warmth, but secrete no scent and thus need little protection and can often be left alone in a nest of feathers and moss.

Stage 2: Juvenile Mixi's are very energetic. They often speed around pine forests, or race for fun. They're very hard to control and often do not listen to their elders. Most Mixi gain their scars from this stage of their life.

Stage 3: Having gained some dicipline Mixi hunt for their colonies and defend their territory. They often form families within the colony, but after a families needs are met, all attention falls to helping out others in the colony. from nursing mothers, to frail elders whom cannot hunt for themselves anymore. Despite taking a big reponsibiliy on themselves, and adult Mixi's favorite pasttime is sleep. Researchers believe this is because they spend too much of their young running around, and feel they now need to take a seat back and relax.